10 Things all Fearless and Badass Alpha-Women do Differently from Other Types of Women

They are strong, bold, and fearless. These are the women that can light up a whole room with their electric energy.

“Well-behaved women seldom make history”  – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

While it can certainly be interpreted in many ways, initially this phrase is meant to celebrate powerful women who contribute to the world by being braver, stronger, and more creative in comparison to others.

Check out the list below to understand the amazing qualities of alpha-women

1. They give themselves a real opportunity to meet someone

Swiping through profiles of random people has its place on Tinder and can sometimes make some real-life connections, but these women know the true value of getting out into the real world and having pure human interaction in spaces supportive of an introduction. They aren’t shy to drop by at networking or dancing event, a museum exhibition, or an art gallery showcase.

2. They can turn their mistakes into valuable life lessons

They put their life experience to the best use possible by improving and changing their lives in ways that allow them to reap present as well as future benefits.

3. They know that putting yourself down doesn’t get you anywhere

There are not many (if any at all) women and men who walk on the planet feeling one hundred percent happy with their life or looks at all times. But alpha women are at peace and accepting of the fact that there will always be someone smarter, younger, thinner or more attractive than they are and don’t sweat it because it’s simply a waste of precious time.

4. They are confident 

They are not carried by their skills and confidence to the point that they don’t seek to improve themselves. They are aware that, just like any other person, they have their own flaws. But they know if they are good at what they do and are not shy to admit it when they feel they are one of the best.

5. They invest in themselves

They are proud to be who they are. From the way they speak, their reputation and work ethic to their friendships handshake and manicure, these are women who do not apologize for investing in their own image and wellbeing.

6. They do not worship celebrities

The only thing these women worship is the reality around them. They are not celebrity worshipers.

7. They cultivate a life worth living

No matter if they are single, in a relationship or if it’s just “complicated”, they put effort into crafting a life they love and enjoy. While they may not feel fully comfortable with every new endeavor, they push themselves to take the class, book the holiday, try a new hobby and understand that the train of life will not wait for them.

8. They will not be victimized

Alpha women do not dwell on the past or constantly re-live negative events of the past in their heads. Considering their high level of self-control and power over their own actions and emotions, it’s hardly a wonder they won’t allow themselves to live as victims of life.

9. They aren’t drama queens

Alpha women are highly balanced individuals; they are not the type of people who would do any weird or crazy thing just to get the crowd’s attention. They are not drama queens, but rather very authentic and level-headed people.

10. They are brave and dare to go for it

Whatever “it” may be – the job, the guy, or the bucket-list, these women know to think things through, make a solid plan and turn their idea of happiness into reality.

Do you think we’ve missed some important points here? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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