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I Heart Intelligence was created in 2014 by Stanislav Slavov and Milen Raychev, who live in Sofia, Bulgaria. Stan studied International Relations at The New Bulgarian University in Sofia and Milen majored in Civil Engineering and Architecture at the University of Structural Engineering & Architecture in Sofia. So how exactly did this duo go from international relations and architecture to writing about intelligence?

It all started off as a hobby. Stan and his wife-to-be, Ivayla Ganeva, started the Facebook page, Intelligence Is Sexy, Milen joined them soon after. The main purpose of it was to share good stories, new research, inspirational quotes, funny, informative memes, and anything that they found interesting and thought-provoking.

The main goal of I Heart Intelligence is to share interesting stories, amazing facts, and fun, intelligent, and inspiring content. The authors here at I Heart Intelligence choose to present information without bias to let the readers think harder and come to their own conclusions. The owners of the site don’t always personally agree with everything published here, but do think that these subjects are worth exploration, critical thought, discussion, and debate.

Our team of writers come from around the world and have many different backgrounds. Some are psychologists, essayists, or even just amateur bloggers with a passion for science, technology, society, and human relationships.

So what’s the rub? How does I Heart Intelligence keep the lights on and the writers paid? This website is monetized in two ways. The first is with advertising. We use Facebook’s approved Instant Articles advertisements, Revcontent, Google Adsense, and the occasional third party banner ad from well vetted, reputable sources. All sponsored content is disclosed as being just that, and each of the products featured in our sponsored content are products that the founders gladly use in their day to day lives.

We also operate a merchandise online shop for readers who want to wear their intelligence on their sleeves – literally!

The articles you’ll find here at I Heart Intelligence are well cited, well researched, and true to the best of our knowledge. If errors are discovered or new information comes to light, the editor will issue a correction on the article. If you ever find yourself disagreeing with something you see on our site or if you find a piece of content that is misinforming, false, or out-dated, please don’t hesitate to let us know by emailing [email protected]

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