8 Traits Of Truly Authentic People

There’s a lot of facade in the world today. In the age of social media and online dating, more and more people are concerned with projecting the image others want to see, not the person they truly are. This makes it challenging to see through to the person they are on the inside. There’s a sort of danger in not really knowing what you’re signing up for when you first meet someone.

But there are some ways you can identify truly authentic people. Here are 8 traits of truly authentic people.

1. Their actions match their words.

Not only do the actions of truly authentic people match their words, but they don’t have to talk up their actions in order for the people around them to notice. Authentic people are a steady hand, consistent in their words and actions, making it easy to see how the two align. It’s not simply about keeping promises either. While truly authentic people are good promise keepers, their steadiness of character can be seen in almost all aspects of their lives.

2. Lack of judgement.

Gossip is something you’re not likely to hear from a truly authentic person. The only time you’ll hear them talk behind someone’s back is if they’ve got something good to say. Truly authentic people just aren’t particularly judgemental. They let other people live their lives and enjoy the time they’re spending alive without the harshness of judgement that they might otherwise receive. People living their lives for themselves doesn’t bother a truly authentic person at all.

3. Strong self-determination.

Truly authentic people have a steady hand. They are strong-willed, but not to a fault. They know themselves and where they want to land in life. Truly authentic people tend to be driven and focused, but they won’t drag down the people around them to get ahead. Truly authentic people know that everyone does better when everyone does better.

4. Dancing to their own beat.

Truly authentic people don’t judge others harshly, and they also don’t seem to be phased by harsh judgement and gossip about them, too. They’re dancing to the beat of their own drum, living the life they want to live, and want nothing more than for the people around them to be happy and living a good life.

5. Taking responsibility.

It’s no fun saying or doing the wrong thing, and admitting fault can cut deep. But truly authentic people are not afraid of taking full responsibility for their mistakes and will not throw you or anyone else under the bus in order to avoid fault. Truly authentic people know that they have to own the things they do wrong.

And not just that, but they know they know what they’re responsible for and don’t hesitate to see to it that these things are properly cared for. Truly authentic people are reliable and take responsibility.

6. You can relax around them.

Some things about authentic people are hard to articulate. Some of it is just gut feeling. When you’re around truly authentic people, you feel like you can let your guard down, relax, and be yourself. You might find yourself opening up about things you rarely or never do. You could find yourself being and doing things that you never thought you would. Truly authentic people bring that out in the people around them.

7. They’re true to themselves.

It can be difficult to be true to yourself in a world that sometimes judges harshly. But being true to yourself is a halmark of a truly authentic person. I mean, how can you be authentic if you’re hiding or denying aspects of yourself? This part of being a truly authentic person can be scary for sure, but it is vital.

8. They reciprocate.

Truly authentic people aren’t really givers and they aren’t really takers either. They tend to be reciprocal though. If you call them, they call back. If you go to their birthday party, you can bet they’ll be at yours (if they get an invite.) Truly authentic people like to support others the way they’re supported. This makes them a truly wonderful friend to have.

If you have a truly authentic person in your life, whether it’s a family member, a colleague, a friend, or a partner, you’re a truly blessed person.

Authentic people bring out the best in others by being the best, most genuine person they can be. They’re someone to have in your life if you can!

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