10 Habits of Highly Confident People

We all know those people who just seem to exude confidence. Their personalities may turn that into looking charming, charismatic, sophisticated, elegant, etc. but underneath all of that is a bedrock of confidence. How do they do it? What’s their secret? What do they have that you perhaps don’t?

To find out, let’s check out these 10 habits of highly confident people:

1. Smile!

People with a lot of confidence seem to always be smiling, even if it’s just a slightly-upturned smile or a trademark smirk. They always appear to be on top of the world and it comes through when they smile. Studies show that smiling even slightly lowers other people’s guard and makes them more likely to trust that person.

2. Being vulnerable.

Contrary to how it sounds, showing vulnerability is hardly a weakness…actually, quite the opposite. When a person appears vulnerable, others are more likely to trust and respect them. Vulnerability is, in this way, both charming and compelling. Being vulnerable also creates space for others to feel like it’s okay for them to be vulnerable, too.

3. Positive mindset.

If you start each day in a positive frame of mind, it’s difficult to bring you down. If you start each day, on the other hand, in a negative frame of mind, it’s really difficult to crawl out of that place. Starting each day in a positive mindset and maintaining it throughout the day by starting conversations positively and keeping positive thoughts running your brain creates an amazing projection of confidence.

4. Drop the need to be right.

Wait a minute, but aren’t people who are brimming with confidence always right? Or don’t they always think they are? An Emory University study showed that the “fight or flight” response is proportionate to the subject at hand: in other words, most people are much more reactive when they are dealing with a topic that stokes their passions. Not so with confident people. They will suppress these “lizard brain” emotions to be involved in a conversation, to engage in and continue to sustain an interaction, even with people who have the completely opposite point of view.

5. Actively Listening

Active listeners express interest in what the other person is saying and ask questions of them, making the participants in the conversation enjoy it more and engage more. It also means they are more likely to judge the conclusion of the conversation as more valid.

6. A Powerful Message

is great, but there has to be a good purpose behind it. Some people’s stories are inspirational (e.g. Kevin Spacey). Tell your story however you’d like, but try to be impactful towards your audience as well. Humility is often a good way to do this.

7. Sharing the spotlight is something confident people do easily and readily.

Instead of hogging the stage to themselves, they look for opportunities to pile praise on others and have a certain selfless generosity of spirit.

8. Be curious

Conversations are stifling, yawn-inducing and disrespectful when they’re one-sided. Encourage the person you’re talking with to talk about themselves, and continue to ask helpful questions that egg them on throughout. (Also: don’t sweat the details. They’re not that important.)

9. Take a sincere interest in others

True sincerity comes from maintaining a mindful approach throughout a conversation. Instead of thinking of your response while the other person is speaking, listen fully to what they are saying, give yourself a moment or two to formulate your response, and then respond. This makes for a much more enlightening conversation for you both.

10. Check your body language

Nothing can transmit more about who you are and what you have to say than your body language. Posture strongly correlates with how you’re feeling — a mind and body connection. Confident people may not even feel confident at all times, but they know how important it is to appear that way. As such, they pay close attention to their body language, especially when they may not be feeling too confident just then.

What do you think of these habits? Are there any you especially want to try? Let us know; we love hearing from you!

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