Strong Women Don’t Have High Standards, They Just Know Their Value

All straight men out there are dreaming of meeting a real woman – one that is strong, emotionally-balanced and capable of giving them true love and affection. However, if they ever meet one, few of them can recognize these qualities in her, and even fewer can handle her in the right way and keep her beside them.

In this article, I will be looking at some of the reasons why classy women have set themselves so high standard when it comes to choosing their partners. At the same time, I am going to give you some valuable tips on how to tell a demanding girl from a classy woman who knows her true value.

Men are naturally scared of strong women

Most men are reluctant to admit that the above statement is true. However, as soon as they meet a woman who knows her interests and isn’t afraid to pursue them, their defensive mechanisms immediately kick in and tell them that she isn’t the right for them. They see her as too demanding and too picky when it comes to choosing a partner.

There are two main reasons for this common misjudgment. The first one lends itself to the stereotypes we’ve grown up with. They tell us that women who look like supermodels are invariably waiting for their Prince Charming or their Superman.

The second reason has to do with men’s fear of rejection. By the way, women fear rejection just as much as men do, but for some reason, the prevailing conviction is that women choose their men and not vice verse.

Women’s high standards are actually well-grounded and quite logical

When a strong woman is in love with you, she will literally move mountains to make you happy. However, she first has to make sure you are the right man for her. In his article on the laws of attraction, Noam Shpancer Ph.D. points out that men who can provide protection and security naturally appear more attractive to women, especially if they are looking for a husband.

And women have solid reasons to seek protection, really. Not only are they physically weaker than men by nature, but they also are especially vulnerable during pregnancy, when their need for protection and security as at its highest.

According to Alice Eagly’s “social status theory”, women are naturally attracted to men of high social status, who demonstrate financial affluence. She explain this with the fact that a woman’s path to professional realization and financial prosperity is usually far steeper than a man’s.

As I see it, the second theory is just a different interpretation of the first one. I mean, women choose partners of high social status, because they instinctively feel that they can provide financial security and stability for them and their children.

No matter which theory you may fancy more, the truth is that a strong woman will never give her heart to a man if she does not feel she can rely on him at all times. Every strong woman is well aware of the fact that her fertility is time-limited, therefore she doesn’t want to waste the best years of her life with a man who doesn’t really know what to do with his.

What to do so as to meet her high standards

To begin with, you should send her clear signals that you are well aware of her high standards and that you appreciate and accept them. Then, you should try to show her that your ambitions are at least as high as her standards.

Even if you do not have high social status, for the time being at least, make her see that you’ve been trying hard to climb up the career ladder. Even you haven’t made your first million yet, show her that you are capable of making enough money to support her and your children in the future.

If she’s accepted you as a potential partner, this means that she feels sufficient physical attraction for you. At the same time, it certainly won’t hurt if you show her you’ve been taking care of your looks.

For a start, you can go through your wardrobe and see if it is up to date with the latest trends in men’s fashion, or if it at least approximates them.

Then, you can take care of your hairstyle and trim your beard accordingly. Now that there’s this lumbersexual craze going on, it’s become virtually impossible to see a beardless man in the street. Now, if you’ve gotten on her radar without a beard, there’s no need to grow one, so as to find out if she likes lumbersexuals or not.

Something like a conclusion, or how important it is to be natural

Towards the end of this article, I’d like to talk about how important it is for a man not to go out of his way so as to meet the high standards of the woman he wants to be with. This does not mean, of course, that you should make no efforts at all. It’s just that you’ve got to figure out when these efforts are worth, and when the toll they take on you is too heavy.

Here I am not saying that the lady you’ve set your eyes on isn’t worth. It’s just sometimes you can’t fit in her idea of a partner, no matter what you do. Let me give you an easy example. If you’re a skinny intellectual, you stand little chance of impressing a girl who falls for more muscular guys.

Even if you spend hundreds of hours in the gym and thousands of dollars on personal trainers, the results you get might still not be enough to impress her. This time she may find you just too intelligent. Does this mean that you should try to get dumber, so as to be with her?! You know where I’m getting…

The key here is to look for a lady, whose high standards do not require you to make extraordinary efforts in order to stand up to them. For one thing, very often the efforts men make to meet the high standards of a lady make them ridiculous in her eyes.

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