10 Unique Characteristics of Strong Women Which Make Them Powerful And Weak At The Same Time

What does it mean to be a strong woman?

To me, it means showing compassion, softness, and good-heartedness to those who don’t deserve them or are not kind to you. It means breaking stereotypes and proving that you can take care of and protect yourself.

It means to go through hard times and to come out better, more confident, and happier than before. It means, giving and sacrificing for others even when you struggle with your problems and feel broken yourself.

Do you think you are a strong woman?

Below are 10 unique characteristics of strong women which could help you find out whether you are one of them or not.

But, these qualities are not only an indication of how powerful these ladies are. They also could be the reason for the strong women’s weaknesses.

1. A strong woman survives.

She does that at the price of great pain and sacrifices, but she does pull herself back up and survive.

2. A strong woman never gives up.

Being strong can cost her more than she has ever expected, but she keeps going, even when a situation doesn’t turn out as expected because she knows better things are yet to come in her life.

3. A strong woman knows when to stop.

She knows that she can’t always “win,” but she always tries to stay strong, especially when she realizes she has to retreat. Staying strong when you feel weak is way too painful, but she won’t cry or beg, she’ll accept her faith with dignity.

4. A strong woman is confident and brave

Not too much, but just as much as she needs to be. She is also brave, she would do things which terrify her, and she’s ready to do it over and over if it’s necessary.

5. A strong woman protects.

She knows that she may be the only protector of the people she loves. She does what she has to so that her close people are happy and safe, but often she forgets that even the strongest ones need protection, too.

6. She’s strong but sensitive

She might be a president, a sports champion, a mom. Someone who works and sacrifices a lot to achieve their goals. But she also has feelings, which are as strong as her inner power and energy so she feels very deeply and her success comes at the price of a lot of emotional pain.

7. A strong woman knows that sacrifices are sometimes necessary

But she also knows that stereotypes about women make it seem like self-sacrifice is always necessary. Therefore, she chooses when to compromise and makes sacrifices wisely.

8. A strong woman is self-sufficient

A strong woman knows that allowing the wrong people in her life and being in a bad relationship is not better than being single. And she’s not someone who would be in a relationship at any price.

9. A strong woman knows her worth

A strong woman knows that others could say a lot of things to make her feel like less but that’s because they are insecure and lack self-confidence. She knows her worth and wouldn’t let others bring her down.

10. A strong woman knows she is not perfect

She’s not perfect. She knows she can make a mistake and that’s why is always ready to apologize when she’s wrong. She knows no one is perfect, but we cannot learn if we don’t fail. And if we do fail or someone does us wrong, we shouldn’t be angry. Instead, we have to learn to forgive both ourselves and others.

Another misconception about strong women is that they aren’t vulnerable and they don’t have moments of weakness.

It is quite the opposite –  to be strong, she has to be vulnerable first and to know what it is to be weak. So a strong woman, knows well which are her negative traits and what makes her suffer, but she tries to hide it behind a smiling face.

Actually, her character and all these unique qualities which represent her inner strength turn out to be the reason for her weakness.

She wants to always be tough and rough, but this is not possible.

Because a strong woman is not someone who has a soul of steel. She is a person full of uncried tears and heartbreaks, which cause her pain.

Her strength is as much a blessing as it is a curse because it puts a heavy weight on her shoulders.

After all, she is just a human being. She worries like everybody else, but no one knows about it. She cries, but no one hears. She feels pain, but no one understands. She struggles with her problems, and when nobody’s watching, she cries. And she hopes that someone could see what’s behind her mask without even touching it. That someone could feel her tears before she has even started crying.

But she knows she can’t afford to sit down and cry because she is strong. That’s why every time she feels down she tries to raise even stronger than before. She brushes away her tears and tries to heal her wounds and cover the scars with decency.

But is pretending that you are OK while you actually aren’t what we should call strength?.

I don’t think so. What makes us all strong is being ourselves and this means always. No matter if we have a good or a bad day.

It is only when we accept our vulnerability and we have nothing to hide from others that we become genuinely powerful.

And strong women need to understand this.

They need to know that admitting your weaknesses is not a weakness. And that if we embrace our vulnerability we actually become truly strong people.

So, strong women all around the world, you shouldn’t be afraid to be yourselves even when you feel weak and broken inside.

Because “the strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could.” (unknown)

Are you a strong woman?

Please share your opinion in the comments down below.

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