5 Things Showing Strong People Can Be Sensitive Too

Strength and emotionality can exist together.

People think that the ones blessed with strong personality are deprived of the ability to feel intensely and to express their emotions.

Strong individuals are sometimes even seen as emotionless.

But is this really the case?

Are emotionality and strength mutually exclusive traits of character? Not actually, it turns out. Surprisingly, very often those who have strong personality tend to be the most sensitive ones.

Below you could check the 5 traits the toughest yet most sensitive individuals possess:

1. Feel but stay strong

This world is a place full of events, which could affect an individual deeply. Events that make you feel overwhelmed with emotions, good or bad. And a strong person is not an exception to that. But no matter how deeply they feel, they would stay strong. They wouldn’t let their feelings affect their goals and make them give up. They might cry secretly at night. But when they wake up they are strong again.

2. Criticize when something’s wrong

Strong people have the courage to call you out when you are wrong. They would do it because they’re too sensitive to let others do harm. They just couldn’t stand injustice done in front of their eyes. It’s exactly their personality that would always give them strength to find a way and show others they’re wrong.

3. Pick their inner circle

Strong people really seek others who would give them a human touch. That’s because they’re sensitive. They can feel what’s good and bad about a person. They know what they’re looking for in a friendship or a romance. Their strong personality won’t let them settle for less than a true friend and true love. Even if they have to stand alone.

4. Can’t stand nonsense

People are often misled into thinking that strong individuals only stand for their own opinion. But it’s not the case. Strong people stand for themselves when they know they’re right. They are just too sensitive and strong in the same time, to tolerate nonsense. If they complain about something, there’s surely a reason for it.

5. Friends can confide in them

People who possess strong personality are very good listeners. Why? The answer is simple. They have the inner strength to handle other people’s problems. And it’s not only that. They are also sensitive enough to keep secrets to themselves and not betray their friends’ trust. That is why strong people have good friends who confide in them.

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