When A Strong Woman Decides To Leave, There Is No Turning Back

Women who are strong at heart say goodbye differently.

They will undoubtedly experience sorrow but know better than to dwell in it, for endings are new beginnings in disguise.

These women are the ones who have no time for bullsh*t – they want raw realness, or nothing.

They love with all their heart and will give you their everything in a heartbeat. She is the kind of woman who won’t dwell in the emotions felt after leaving a bad breakup or friendship, she will feel it, let go and move on, for she is aware of the fact that, in the end nothing really lasts forever. She won’t point fingers or blame you for the things that went wrong, instead she will take responsibility for her mistakes and she will learn from it.

Strong women possess strength and wisdom, they are strong because they have survived life’s hardships and they are wise because they have learned from it.

They know that you cannot force someone to be with you, nor can you force them to stay. They also know that when one door closes, another will open. She is the type of women who sticks to her guns and leaves the dinner table when respect is no longer being served. She will not go back on her decision because she knows that everyone deserves to be happy, and if the relationship is no longer serving her higher self – she will move on.

She knows that life goes on and that separation is inevitable because she has had to separate from loved ones before – this is why self love is so important to her. A long time ago she made the decision to never again rely on anyone but herself for happiness, for happiness is cultivated within. She believes that real love should be easy and simple, it should flow like an open river. Attention and affection should never be begged and she does not beg. To her relationships are like the tango, it requires two people putting in equal amounts of energy to make it work.

She is fearless and brave, instead of crying for days on end about the breakup she will pick herself up and begin the journey back to herself. Chasing her dreams and achieving her goals. She believes in true love and will never allow someone to break her down for she is made of stardust and will continue to shine, even in the darkest of times – she is her own light.

She will not ask you to come back to her or to try again, she will keep moving forward – healing herself, loving herself and working on herself because she doesn’t dwell in the past, she learns from it. If you did not know this about her, did you even know her at all?

She is not like all the other women you know because when she says goodbye, she will do it in such a way that you will envy her courage and strength to leave and not look back.

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