10 Things Alpha Females Will Never, Ever Tolerate In A Relationship.

Alpha women are extremely interesting creatures.

They are tough, and hardcore on the surface but soft and sensitive on the inside and don’t, for one second think that she won’t fight for what she believes in.

It’s hard to put everything that an alpha woman embodies into words because there simply aren’t enough adjectives in the world to describe her energy.

She is fierce, and confident in her fierceness, she has no problems standing up for what she believes in and most importantly, she has no problem standing up for herself.

Most alpha females have had to mature at an early age meaning, life threw them a curveball and they had to learn how to chisel through it.

They know exactly what they want and how they like things to be done. Alpha’s have strong minds and opinions especially when it comes to aspects of their life.

So naturally, when it comes to relationships she knows exactly what she’s looking for in a partner. Bear in mind that alphas have set boundaries in place and standards they are not willing lower because they know that they deserve the best in life.

Alpha’s need a partner who will share her zest for life and who won’t be intimidated by her big goals and aspirations.

So, if you want to date an alpha you need to bare in mind that they have set strict boundaries for themselves and in order for you to be with her you need to honor them.

Here are 10 things almost every alpha woman refuses to tolerate:


When it comes to respect, one thing you need to understand is that alphas have respect for themselves, she knows her value and never settles for less than she knows she deserves. If you humiliate or disrespect her in any way she will leave.


Alphas love and respect people who own up to their faults and will accept your apology as well as try and understand your mistake or why you did what you did. However, if you try and deceive her by making up stupid, pointless excuses SHE WILL KNOW. You must realize, alphas are always one step ahead of you.


Independence is a trait all alpha females possess, so if she senses that the relationship is leaning towards the codependency side of things she will do everything in her power to break loose. You cannot, and will never be able to control an alpha female. She needs the freedom to be who she truly is.


Being true to your word is very important. She hates nothing more than someone who cannot keep to the agreements they have made. She needs a partner who is reliable and she needs to know that they have her back no matter what. If you can’t keep your promises don’t expect her to stick around.


This goes without saying. If you cheat on her she will leave you in a heartbeat. There is no and will never be a valid reason for cheating. If you want to explore other people, be straight up about it, she will be able to view it from all angles and give you her honest answer.


Alphas appreciate honesty, no matter how blunt it is. Be straight up and honest with her because she is a straight up and honest woman. She doesn’t have time for sugar coating and sweet talk. She likes things to be transparent and raw.


Another important factor an alpha looks out for in a partner is whether or not he supports her. She doesn’t need a man to show her how to do things, she needs a man who will stand by her in all her ventures and who will encourage her to move forward in life and achieve all the things she wants in life.


One thing an alpha will spot from a mile away is manipulation. She knows when you are trying to trick her and trust me, you do not, I repeat do not want to be around when she gives you a piece of her mind. You have been warned.


You know the saying, “A person’s true colors are seen by the way they treat a janitor.” Well, if you have a better than thou attitude and think that you are better than a homeless person or a janitor you can kindly show yourself to the door. Alpha women will never tolerate this kind of behavior because she knows and understands that every human on earth is equal, and should be treated with equal respect.


Alpha women are strong and intelligent. If she finds herself in a situation where her emotions are being disrespected and/or manipulated she will have no issues confronting you about it. She will not remain silent when it comes to her own well being.

As mentioned before, alphas know what they want and what they like, so if you ever find yourself dating one, honor and respect her and never overstep her boundaries.

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