11 Clear Signs That Your Man Respects You

Who’s got time for a disrespectful significant other?

I bet you don’t.

Here are 11 signs your man absolutely respects you in your relationship.

1. He respects others.

This can mean anyone from complete strangers to your inner circle to your family: if he is respectful towards other people, chances are he’ll be respectful to you. Just starting out in a relationship? Examine the way your guy treats other people; he’ll probably treat you similarly.

2. He’ll spend a good amount of time with you.

A respectful man will make sure you know you’re a priority in his life. If you enjoy doing certain things, he’ll work to make them happen. He’ll choose to be with you instead of with family, at home, at work, etc. so that you know how important you are in his life.

3. He considers the future of the relationship.

A far cry from the men who stay away from talk of “the future”, a respectful man wants to know what’s on the horizon…and beyond…for the two of you.

4. He won’t second-guess you.

He is well aware that you know what you’re doing, you have confidence in the decisions you’re making, and he doesn’t get in the way of that. He doesn’t cast judgment or doubt on you, because he has confidence in what you’re doing.

5. He’s honest.

And not just in not lying outright to you: if he does or says something that may be misperceived he will amend it quickly. It can be tough to discern honesty in a partner, but if he respects you this will be of utmost importance to him.

6. He doesn’t make disagreements worse.

All relationships have fights or disagreements. You can tell he respects you by his attempts to de-escalate the situation or “agree to disagree” on the matter instead of becoming more inflammatory and making it worse.

7. He takes your opinions seriously.

If he respects you, he wants to know what your opinions are and that you share this with him is important to him. He is interested in what you say, no matter whether it is in direct disagreement with him or not.

8. He doesn’t attempt to control you.

A respectful man who cares for you wouldn’t think twice of trying to control you: it would never occur to him. Controlling behavior derives from insecurity and fear and a respectful man isn’t insecure or fearful about your relationship.

9. He doesn’t get jealous.

A respectful man is confident is his relationship with you and your devotion to each other. He doesn’t get jealous or even concerned with the stability of your relationship.

10. He is respectful of your time.

A respectful man is going to understand that you have commitments that may make you less available than he would prefer. He puts his preferences aside and supports you spending time where you need to in order to learn and grow as a person. Whether that means an hour of daily meditation or a boot-camp style fitness class, a respectful man supports your use of your time.

11. He encourages you.

A man who respects you wants what you want in life. He wants you to be the best possible you, so that you can even further enjoy your relationship with him. He might have a differing opinion on your decisions, but he won’t dissuade your strong desires.

Make sure your man is a respectful one, my fellow women.

Sometimes it may seem like you’ve finally found a diamond in the rough, but he’s a keeper.

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