11 Clear Signs That Your Man Respects You

Who’s got time for a disrespectful significant other?

I bet you don’t.

Here are 11 signs your man absolutely respects you in your relationship.

1. He respects others.

This can mean anyone from complete strangers to your inner circle, or your family: if he is respectful towards other people, chances are he’ll be respectful to you. Just starting out in a relationship? Watch how your guy treats other people; he’ll probably treat you similarly.

In addition, his attitude to others tells a lot about his upbringing, his self-confidence, and also of how he was treated as a child.

2. He’ll spend a good amount of time with you.

If your significant other is really involved with you, he’ll make you feel really special. If you enjoy doing certain things, he’ll work to make them happen. He’ll choose to spend his day off with you, rather than go fishing with friends.

Be careful, though. If you make him choose between spending time with you or with his family, this may put the poor guy between the hammer and the anvil.

3. He thinks about the future of your relationship.

Quite unlike those guys who stay away from any commitment, a deeply caring man will want to know what’s on the horizon and beyond for the two of you. He must have really hard to start that relationship in the first place. So, he really appreciates the fact that it exists, and will do everything he can to make it thrive.

4. He won’t second-guess your decisions.

He is well aware that you know what you’re doing, you have confidence in the decisions you makе, and he doesn’t mind that. He doesn’t judge you, neither does he show any doubt in your sober judgment, because he trusts you.

We are only humans and sometimes our decisions are far from perfect. However, even in such moments your man will stand by you and will give you some encouraging advice.

5. He’s honest

And not just in not lying outright to you: if he does or says something that may be misperceived, he will amend it quickly. It can be tough to discern honesty in a partner, but if he respects you, this will be of utmost importance to him.

Valuable as trust is in a relationship, it takes a lot of time and effort to build. However, it takes just one lie, even a white one, to ruin it all.

6. He doesn’t pour fuel on the fire.

Even in the smoothest relationships, fights do occur every so often. You can tell he respects you by his attempts to defuse the fight or “agree to disagree” on the matter. That is, he pours oil on the troubled waters of your relationship when a necessity arises.

7. He is serious about you.

If he respects you, he will always listen to you carefully. It is always a good sign if the man beside you appreciates the fact that you share stuff with him. He is interested in what you say, no matter whether he likes it or not. Trust is built through exchanging thoughts and ideas with each other. Therefore, the more you share with your partner, the healthier your relationship will be.

8. He doesn’t attempt to control you.

A respectful man who cares for you wouldn’t think twice of trying to control you: it would never occur to him. Controlling behavior derives from insecurity and fear and a respectful man isn’t insecure or fearful about your relationship.

He knows his worth, and he needs a partner, not an emotional slave. He will never try check your phone while you are in the bathroom, because he does not question your loyalty.

9. He doesn’t get jealous.

Respect and trust go hand in hand. Having said that, a man who respects you will always trust you. And a man who trusts you with his whole heart and soul will never get jealous of you. In the same way, you can fully trust him and rest assured he’ll always be loyal to you. Jealousy is your relationship’s biggest enemy. The earlier you defeat it, the better!

10. He is respectful of your time.

A respectful man is going to understand that you have commitments that may make you less available than he would prefer. He puts his preferences aside and supports you spending time where you need to in order to learn and grow as a person. Whether that means an hour of daily meditation or a boot-camp style fitness class, a respectful man supports your use of your time.

11. He encourages you.

A man who respects you wants to see you achieve your life goals. He wants you to fly high on the wings of your love, and enjoy your relationship even more. He may not always agree with your choice, but he’ll always respect it.

Make sure your man is a respectful one, my dear soul sisters.

If you think you have found a diamond in the rough, you should try hard to keep it.

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