10 Things Alpha Females Do Differently From Other Females.

“An alpha female has the courage to be the best version of herself.”  – This quote is dedicate to all the bad-ass, wild, alpha females out there. The ones who are not afraid to be anything less than their eccentric, alpha selves.

When you think of an alpha female, what comes to mind?

An alpha female is a female who, despite the societal rules and perceptions of women, lives her life to the fullest, brave, loud and boldly. She paves her own path with self generated inspiration and motivation.

Alpha females aren’t different to other women in the sense that they are better than them, they are different because of the way they approach life.

Below is a list of 10 ways Alpha females do things differently in comparison to other females.

1. One of their top priorities in life is maximizing enjoyment

Alpha’s make the best out of any situation. They are masters at shaping life into situations which are genuinely enjoyable for them. They believe that life is about experiencing things and that’s why they love engaging in new activities and adventures.

2. Alpha women are not shy, they are open and assertive

They are usually the first to greet a new employee or stranger at a friends party and are not afraid to speak what’s on their mind.

3. They are confident and have a high self-esteem

Now this doesn’t mean that they are obnoxious or full of themselves, this simply means that they know their worth. An alpha female’s confidence lies in the fact that she knows that she has imperfections and chooses to love and embrace them anyway because imperfections are perfectly imperfect.

4. They aren’t reliant on others to make them happy in life

Alpha female’s do what they need to do in order to feel happy, they don’t rely on others to do that for them. They know that ultimately they are the only ones who can fulfil their every desire, this doesn’t change if she’s in a relationship. Her independence stays, she sets boundaries with her partner and never allows them to over step it.

5. They learn from the past and know not to dwell on it

Another thing alpha women are so great at is learning from past mistakes, then integrating the lessons into the present all while remembering that the past is the past. The only thing it is good for is learning from it.

6. The set boundaries and are very strict about maintaining themselves

Alpha women value themselves and therefore they set boundaries. They are always aware and vigilant as to make sure no one over steps or violates their boundaries.

7. They have no fear of cutting toxic people out of their life, or walking away from situations that don’t serve them.

As mentioned before, they like to make everything in life as enjoyable as possible, so if you are a toxic person and serve no purpose other than negativity then the alpha woman will have no regrets cutting you from her life. If she feels uncomfortable, or irritated within a situation she will also, very happily remove herself from that situation. She knows that staying when you do not belong is energetically draining.

8. They aren’t drama queens

Alpha females are far past the drama stages of life and actually can’t stand being around people who entertain drama. Drama takes up valuable time and energy that one cannot get back, and this is why they stay as far away from al the drama llama’s in life.

9. They realize that their body and mind is an investment worth spending time on

Alpha female’s put in the time and effort into fitness, healthy eating, reading etc. All the things that help strengthen her mind and body. A healthy body is a healthy mind.

10. They are always themselves, to whom ever they meet

Alpha females are consistent women, no matter who you are, you will get the same person, all the time. One thing that irritates an alpha female’s is the fact that some people are not consistent with who they are, meaning; they change their personality depending on who they are interacting with.

This is not the kind of people an alpha female hangs around because ultimately, you are the company you keep.

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