Seek Help: Your Loved Ones Would Want To Know If You Are Struggling

We often keep our struggles to ourselves because we fear that we will be a burden.

Instead of seeking help and confiding in the ones who love us, we pretend that we are fine. We suffer in silence and we cry ourselves to sleep at night instead of picking up the phone and letting someone know that we are not okay. Some of us do it out of fear that we will not be understood. Others believe that they will become a burden to those they love. In any case, everyone always has a reason why they choose to be quiet about their pain.

Being quiet only causes more pain.

Nobody deserves to suffer in silence. More importantly, nobody deserves to feel like they would be burdening the people who love them. If you are quiet about the pain you feel, you risk feeling lonely and alone. This is something that your friends and family would never want you to feel. Unfortunately, many people believe that their pain is not serious enough. As a result, they fear that they will be mocked or misunderstood.

If you can relate to these 5 things, you need to seek help from the ones you love.

1. Your appetite has changed drastically

Eating significantly less or more than you used to is a clear sign that something is not right. Moreover, it is a symptom of serious mental illnesses that you should never have to fight alone.

2. You have suddenly become extremely irritable

Many people feel guilty and ashamed when they suddenly find their friends and family irritating. They begin to think that they are horrible people for being annoyed and angered by small, meaningless things. In reality, irritability can be a sign of something much deeper like depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.

3. Your sleep has been affected

Mental illnesses tend to affect your sleep in various ways. While some people are incapable of sleeping at night, others sleep all night and still wake up feeling exhausted.

4. You have brain fog

If you are struggling to concentrate, make decisions, or remember important things, you are most likely experiencing brain fog. While this is an already frightening feeling, it is even worse when you refuse to seek help.

5. You feel hopeless and stuck

When you have been silently fighting a mental illness for a long period, it can feel as though you are stuck. Not noticing any progress and feeling worse every day will eventually make you feel like things will never change. If you feel numb and hopeless, you need to talk to someone. More importantly, you need to consider talking to a mental health professional who can help you.

Remember that you will never be a burden to those who love you. Just like you would want to know if they were struggling, they need to know how you feel.

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