Once her heart gets broken, she’ll never be the same again

Heartbreaks leave us with deep emotional wounds.

You are never the same once your heart has been ripped apart.

No matter how strong you think you are, a heartbreak has the power to completely destroy you. It could awfully affect your perspective on love and life in general. It crushes your expectations. When you experience such agonizing emotional pain, you start doubting everyone around you.

After a heartbreak, it’s extremely hard to open up again. Once your heart has been wounded so deeply, you get overprotective because you’re afraid you might get hurt again. This utterly changes the way you see other people. You see them as untrustworthy creatures, whose only goal is to cause you pain.

When a woman goes through a tough heartbreak, she completely changes the way she feels about people and the way she behaves around them.

The following 7 points are the most common things a woman does after her heart was torn apart.

1. She no longer believes in true love.

Her high expectations once made her believe that true love, the one that’s in movies and fairytales, exists. She believed that she was giving her heart to the one who will love her unconditionally for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, she was wrong. These high hopes have left her only with a bitter heartache. She has no reason to believe that true love exists now.

2. She doubts everyone and everything around her.

This painful heartbreak made her think that everyone around her is untrustworthy. She got so damaged that she doubts even her friends and family sometimes. She couldn’t believe that her kindness and love led to this awful agony she suffers from now. Now she feels like trusting someone again seems impossible. The last thing she wants is to get hurt and betrayed once more.

3. She accepts sadness as an inseparable part of her life.

Even if everyone told her to cheer up and focus on the positive side of this hurtful situation, it wouldn’t matter. She has already accepted the fact she has to live with the bitter taste of sadness for the rest of her days. Sometimes she tries to hide her tears, but the melancholy has taken over her. She has forgotten what happiness felt like.

4. She stops looking for a long-term commitment.

Now that her heart was broken by the one she thought she would marry one day, she has stopped searching for deep emotional love. She realized that committing to someone will only get her hurt again. That’s why she doesn’t take anyone seriously, and all she does is casual flirting. And usually, she does it with toxic people because she knows how to handle them and use them to have some fun. She’s too afraid to invest her heart and her feelings to someone who might not deserve them.

5. She pities other couples.

The whole conception of true love is a joke to her now. Her heart was broken into a million pieces, even though she loved deeply, and she never hurt anyone. So, to her, all of these romantic gestures, people holding hands, and kissing on the street is a complete nonsense. She laughs at romance and pities everyone who still believes in it.

6. She feels like everyone wants a piece of her.

Whenever she meets someone who is gentle to her and treats her well, she feels like it’s all a facade. Now that she has lost her trust in people, she thinks that every kind gesture is based on nasty intentions. That’s the reason why she doesn’t allow herself to show her feelings to anyone ever again.

7. She secretly hopes things will get better.

Even though she went through an emotionally damaging heartbreak, she secretly hopes that someone will make her believe in love again. She likes to think that there would be light at the end of this tunnel. Maybe someone out there will understand her pain and will help her heal. Perhaps she hasn’t met the right person for her yet.

The one that will fix her broken heart and will show her what being unconditionally loved means.

The one who will make her believe she is worthy of love. Because she truly is.

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