Some people will get your heart broken only to clear your vision

We’ve all been through at least one heartbreak in our lives.

They are tough and emotionally exhausting.

Sometimes you get so angry at the person who broke your heart, that you don’t see what this particular heartbreak really gave you.

Unfortunately, we tend to get upset at ourselves for misjudging and letting someone unworthy too close to our hearts.

You blame yourself for trusting a person who was never really right for you, but you somehow thought they were going to change. And this change never happened.

What is more, you get extremely mad at how things turned out to be because of God, karma, wrongly arranged circumstances, or whatever force there was that you couldn’t control.

You keep asking yourself “Why did this happen to me? What did I do to deserve it?”, and yet, you still can’t figure out the answer.

The truth is, you never intended to hurt anyone. And you didn’t. It was your heart that was broken into pieces. Your kind and loving heart was treated like it was nothing. You will never be able to love as deep again.

Well, that’s completely wrong! This heartache of yours happened not to bring you down and make you feel like you’re not worthy of love, but to help you raise and grow as a person. Sometimes pain can be a good thing.

You should be grateful for what you’re going through.

The lessons you learn after a heartbreak, you can’t learn anywhere else.

Each heartbreak makes you a stronger, more powerful person, and helps you see the true colors of people more clearly. It makes you learn how to protect your heart in the future.

If it weren’t for this breakup, you wouldn’t know how to tell the difference between fake and genuine people. When the last piece of your heart fell on the ground, you learned that there are a lot of untrustworthy people out there. You wouldn’t know it if your heart hasn’t been hurt. You would still give your trust and love away for the wrong people.

Moreover, you just freed yourself from someone’s toxic impact. You just stopped wasting your life for a person who doesn’t deserve it. The one who fooled you into loving them now regrets losing you, and you know it.

Without this crushing heartbreak, you wouldn’t have learned how to love yourself.

Thanks to what happened to you, now you are wiser and bolder than ever. Now you know how to recognize the people who deserve to be a part of your life. Now you can see who is worthy of holding your hand and stealing your heart. You had to go through this painful heartache, to become the person you are today.

Not only you can see who is going to be authentic with you when it comes to love, but you can also see who your real friends are. Remember who was there for you at your worst. Whose shoulder you could cry on when your life was a mess? That’s the person who is always going to be there for you no matter what.

Now you have the power to pick all of your broken pieces up and raise from the misery you put yourself into.

Don’t blame yourself for having your heart broken.

Be thankful for this heartache because it thought you how to cherish yourself and keep your heart away from toxic people.

Being single is not the worst thing that could happen to you. You finally realized you can survive anything life throws at you. You wouldn’t have known that if it weren’t for that heartbreak. Perhaps, spending some time in your own company is the best decision you could make right now.

Love yourself first. The rest will follow.

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