True Love Goes Beyond Your Flaws

Imperfection and love go hand in hand

In this world nothing comes absolutely as we want it. The same goes for romantic relationships- a bond between two people who are far from perfect but still love each other. Two souls who are together not only for love but to fight each other’s imperfections and to become better and more mature individuals this way.

Forever by your side no matter what

Love is a fight though not between each other. It’s a fight to stay with each other. It is an everyday battle to be together and never let go, whatever happens – good or bad. And this is a battle to be won not through force but through the force of real love.

Solving problems together

This is the key to a relationship that could last a lifetime. Partners know that problems are inevitable and that they are a mixed blessing. An obstacle might break you, make you drift apart from your loved one but it can also strengthen your relationship and help you stay together and become even closer than before, as the solution to a problem is always found within the couple.

Never have heads in the clouds

Love isn’t always perfect. It isn’t a fairytale or a storybook. That’s why successful partners are always down to earth. They know that love is solving problems, facing challenges, fighting to stay together, holding on and never giving up on the other. Love is effort, but most of all, it is to feel that every hour, minute and second was worth this effort.

Hoping for hard times

It may sound crazy but it’s in our darkest moments when we can see our partner’s true colors. We can understand how reliable they are, what their qualities and flaws are, and decide whether we can  live with their dark side. But most importantly, problems give us and our partner an opportunity to grow and become a little bit less imperfect, together.

It’s “We” not “Me” anymore

There is nothing as beautiful as two people overcoming the storms of life together.  Seeing two different individuals leaving their selfishness behind and operating as a “We” team in order to fight hardships is amazing. This is what true relationships are about. This is how a future together is built. But this does not come easy. It takes a lot of compromises and rejection of the egocentric perception about life to make it work.

Staying in love is a conscious choice

We cannot control who to fall in love with but staying in love is more or less a matter of choice.  If we choose to stay with our partner, it means we have accepted them the way they are and the same goes for them. This love is the one to be actually called real.  Because real love goes beyond our flaws.

Author BIO:

Maria Hakki is a professional English teacher and translator as well as a writer in her free time. Maria writes on various types of topics and today she is a guest author with two of her articles discussing issues in romantic relationships.

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