How To Recognize An Unconditional Kind Of Love

“What you seek is seeking you” – Rumi.

Love can make you feel all sorts of emotions. It’s exciting, scary, extraordinary, adventurous, inexplicable, terrifying and ecstatically wonderful all at once. You find someone you like, you decide to give it ago – because lets face it, life’s fruits are better shared, albeit with a lover, friend or sibling.

Now when it comes to love, in the lover type way, you sometimes end up in one-sided relationships, other times you end up in dead-end relationships but then there are the other times when you find the one person who has it all – right down to the way they love their personal space and me time.

It will hit you like a lightning bolt and it will stun you. Suddenly all life’s weird questions have answers and finally, home is no longer an inanimate object, home is now a person.

This person lights a fire so deep within your soul that the stars are seemingly brighter. From the moment your eyes met there was a knowing of a deeper kind, one that could be recognized through time.

This is the person who is going to love you unconditionally and show you the world.

Their love will make you feel safe and will comfort you.

It’s the kind of love that makes you experience vulnerability and embrace it. The kind of love that listens to your deepest secrets and holds them tight.

Their love will paint beautiful pictures with words you’ve never heard before.

This kind of love will never get tired of making you feel like you are theirs and they are yours. It will make you question every other mundane relationship and then, when you least expect it they will tell you to embrace and honor those relationships because now you have found one another and can love again, because at the core of their being is the belief that, the most powerful, compelling force in nature is love.

Not only does their love make you experience pure ecstasy, it gives you pure freedom because they honor their own.

This love encourages you to live a life outside of the one you are co-creating with them, it urges you to spend time with family and friends because it understands the importance of all presence in all relationships, including the relationship of self-love.

Their love will take every broken fiber of your being and sew it with threads of love.

Make no mistake though, this person and their kind of love is going to teach you some hard lessons too, it will teach you how to set healthy boundaries, how to look into their mirror eyes and see your true self with all its flaws, comforting you in the knowledge that everything is perfectly imperfect.

This persons kind of love is the love that loves with everything, wholeheartedly and apologetically.

It will be the love that pushes you to be the best you could possibly be and the love that teaches you the way to eternal bliss through self love.

And it is only once you’ve met this person will you learned that; “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.”

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