Our Soulmate Could Bring A Different Kind Of Love

Definition of a soulmate

A soulmate is a person to whom you can reveal your real self. Even if they are not your perfect match. A soulmate plays the role of a mirror. They reflect back the aspects of your personality that are stopping you from revealing your true colours.

Pop culture has given all of us a similar vision of a soulmate. But is it, the real one?

Here is a story about someone who found their soulmate and fell in love with them.

When I was a little girl I imagined that my soulmate would be the person I meet and fall in love with. That we’d spend our lives together. I thought so because this was what novels, poems, songs and films said it is. I wanted, craved for this love. When I was still a child, my heart was wide open, I was impatient to find such kind of love. I was not afraid but couldn’t realize how weak I was. Only wanted to experience this incredible feeling.

Love is all around

But I understood that this kind of love is all around. It comes from our spirit, from our soul. That’s what I’ve learnt from my love experience. We could revive love easily. Even if it is sometimes hidden. This could happen when we meet other people. Or if we have contact with animals. And even if spend some time in nature. I understood that through our experiences we ourselves become a physical form of love.

We want to recognize ourselves in someone

Another lesson I learnt is that when we search for love we search for ourselves. We need someone in who we could recognize our personality. I will tell you about the first love in my life. It’s the love coming from my family and the circle I was brought up in. I remember my parents’ and grandparents’ friends being around us the whole time. They were my circle, my people. We were strongly connected with each other.

I felt loved and appreciated

I want to tell you about my mom’s closest friend, Connie. She had dark hair and a slim body but her most beautiful trait was her vivid and contagious laugh, always accompanied by a broad smile. She was a woman with a free spirit and used to take me from daycare with her Volkswagen bug. Then the whole afternoon we’d giggle, play or have a delicious snack. She would make pictures which she’d show me later. These were the first photos I’d seen. They were black and white at the time and nature looked amazing on them. In these moments I realized how connected with it we are.

A different kind of love

Connie moved to live in Austin some years later. However, she stayed close to my family and visited us often. She loved camping and always took me and my brother with her. Every time she came to our place, she preferred staying outside and camped there instead of sleeping in the house. She exchanged her VW Bug for an old-fashioned Volkswagen bus and named it “Oscar.” It was teal and had a huge VW emblem in the front with a tire. She used to come by this bus every time she visited my family. And I and my brother spent all evenings with her on the bus which she always parked in front of the house.

Connie loved me and I felt the same for her. She showed me a different kind of love. Love which taught me how to play. Love that stimulated my spirit for adventures and my creativity.

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