Here is why you should never settle for someone who is not a good man

Abusing your wife or girlfriend is everything but acting like a decent man. Individuals who do that (whether it’s physical or verbal abuse) do not deserve to be called men at all. They’re monsters who disguise themselves as “strong people who know how to make women respect their authority” 

A good man, on the contrary, is a person who never lies, cheats, or intentionally hurts the woman that he loves.

Here are a few more qualities that describe these unique individuals:

Good men appreciate their partners.

They know women are delicate creatures and treat them kindly. A good man respects and values his wife or girlfriend because he knows she has given him her heart. He appreciates the love he receives from her and is grateful that she has chosen to be him despite his flaws and weaknesses.

Good men are always there for the women they love.

They are supportive and ready to help. They protect their women. They make them feel secure and loved at the same time. They never underestimate the strength of a woman. Yet, they know there are tough moments in life and that even a strong woman needs a man to rely on.  They don’t think that women are the weaker sex but they are always ready to help if the woman they love is having a tough time.

They love their wives and girlfriends to the bottom of their hearts.

What makes a good man happy is seeing his woman smiling. And the reason for that is the fact he truly loves her. There is a no bigger turn-on for him than this.

A happy and confident woman is the biggest acknowledgment of a good man’s love.

Only cowards torture and humiliate the women they are supposed to be in love with.

Then why do so many women start and stay in relationships with cowards?

In the first place, many ladies fear loneliness and want desperately to share their life with someone. But it’s not only that. Most women also crave to have children. In fact, even in 21st-century society expects women to become mothers sooner or later. Yet women’s chances to conceive after a certain age decrease and giving birth eventually becomes impossible.

Or in other words, ladies have limited time to reproduce. And although nowadays being a single mom is considered normal many women prefer to stay with the wrong person and start a family instead of waiting for the right partner to come.

However, by doing that these ladies neglect the fact they deserve a good and loving man. They disregard their worth and accept being abused or disrespected for the sake of having someone by their side and giving birth to children. And sadly, that’s wrong, absolutely wrong.

Please don’t ever underestimate yourself. Know that being alone is far better than letting someone treat you badly.

Remember- the only way to find a man who is capable of loving you is to love yourself in the first place. Only if you love yourself will you know that you should be treated by others with love and respect because this is what true love is about.

So, respect yourself enough and never settle for someone who is not able to love you truly.

Or even worse, never allow your partner to humiliate you and make you doubt your self-esteem.

You are amazing and you need a person who treats you right. Someone who will make you smile and happy as often as possible. Someone who knows what true love is and is ready to give it to you. After all, you don’t deserve anything less than that.

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