8 Traits of Mentally Strong People

Author: Annie Ninova

Being mentally fit is an important prerequisite for one’s wellbeing and personal success as defined by each individual differently.

Everything we choose to do or not to do depends on our mental attitude.

Sure there are other important variables such as the influence of society, family or friends and specific circumstances that could affect how we react in a certain situation, but in its very core it could all really come down to our mental strength.

Here are some basic traits of mentally strong people:

1. They marvel at other people’s success

Green with envy is not a state mentally strong people experience. They actually very much admire successful people and prefer to learn from them. Strong people appreciate a good lesson and cherish successful people’s ideas and accomplishments. They know that being jealous is a dead-end street and prefer to take the high road to admiration.

2. They focus on the solution rather than the problem

Just like everyone else, mentally strong people are also faced with all sorts of problems, but choose not to feel sorry for themselves. They don’t waste their time and energy thinking about the problem, instead they focus on creating a solution. Dwelling on the problem or complaining about it in no way helps them get out of the situation at hand. Instead, strong people embrace it as a chance to learn and grow further.  They are not afraid of change and accept challenges head on.

3. They see the silver lining

Mentally strong people are well aware that life is no piece of cake and no one is born prepared for all setbacks and trials that might come along the way. It is not an easy thing to see the good in every bad situation or appreciate the mistakes we make. Mentally strong people develop a way of looking on the bright side and cherishing every difficult moment as an opportunity to grow and move forward.

4. They like to spend time alone

Whether meditating, picking up a good book or simply reflecting, mentally strong people like spending some alone time. They know that being constantly among people could be quite distracting and exhausting and they do not feel the need for approval and acceptance.  Mentally strong people enjoy being alone with their thoughts and are well aware that a bit of solitude is essential to their comfort and welfare.

5. They understand the concept of delay of gratification

Life does not always offer us immediate gratification. Still many people are quite impatient and prefer to be provided with an immediate reward for their actions. Mentally strong people know that with patience and perseverance the outcome could be much greater and the reward much bigger. They know that the best things in life are worth waiting for.

6. They take responsibility for their actions

Taking control of their lives, standing up for themselves and taking responsibility for their actions are very recognizable traits of mentally tough people. They definitely do not put the blame for their own mistakes on someone or something other than themselves and they never waste any time waiting to be rescued. They stand tall and sure behind their decisions and whether right or wrong, they keep learning and striving for the goals and lifestyle they wish to accomplish.

7. They let go of bad habits

Mentally strong people are well enough experienced to know what is good for them and what is only holding them back. It is only human to want to make a mistake and explore new unfamiliar grounds. By taking on a bad habit we not only experience something brand new, we also put our own limits to the test – whether drugs, alcohol or toxic relationships. The difference is that mentally strong people know when to say “stop” and learn fast how to distance themselves from such seductive decoys. In the end it only makes them stronger and more experienced.

8. They stand their ground

Society and other people’s opinion have enormous influence on how we speak, act and even think. It takes a lot of hard work and self confidence to be able to doubt all that is described as “normal” and be able to form a differentiated opinion. Mentally strong people know how to stand up for their rights and never accept or bow before something that just does not seem right to them. They speak up and share their disagreements without a moment of self-doubt.  Even when no one else agrees with them, mentally strong people would always stand up for what they believe it and never lose their self-respect.

Inner strength is often something we are not born with but learn with practice and experience as we are faced with new and different challenges every day of our lives – some positive, some negative.

It takes hard work and dedication to become truly mentally strong, but the result is definitely worth it – being able to stand your own ground and knowing who you really are.

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