Never Settle For Anything Less Than Amazing. 8 Things You Should Look Out For Before Choosing To Settle

“You deserve nothing but the best in love and in life. Never settle for anything that does not give you the respect and love you are worthy of.”

When I was younger, my mother always told me that I am enough, and that I should never rely on anyone or settle for anything less than the love and respect I gave myself. She taught me the importance of self-love, respect and setting healthy boundaries from a young age, and now I can’t settle for anything that does not honor or respect my being in its entirety.

I was taught to never settle for mediocre love, love that was not unconditional or love that placed limitations on my emotions and freedom.

I was taught that, that kind of love was not the love I deserved, for I was not a limited being. Every human deserves a love that is encompasses profound intimacy and spiritual connection.

I who I am and what I want in life and in love. I will not tolerate relationships that lack real intimacy, I want to connect on a soul level.

Life is short and I do not have time for things that lack soul. I will not accept half-arsed love and manipulation. I want the real, raw kind of love. I am the woman who will never settle for:

1. Someone who doesn’t show me their true feelings

I do not have time for games and I especially do not have time for the guessing game. If you love me, tell me – don’t hide away and make me guess. Be real, be open and be raw for we are both human. I want commitment and honesty. If you are sad, I will be there to comfort you, if you are happy, i will be there to celebrate with you. I want to be able to look into your soul and love it for everything that it is, no exceptions.

2. Someone who lacks respect for our relationship

I will not tolerate your lack of respect and most certainly will not settle for it. I know what I deserve and if you cannot give me the respect I deserve I will leave. I do not have time for someone who disrespects me when we are around other women. I want a person who is emotionally committed.

3. Someone who doesn’t invest in our relationship

When I commit, I commit. I won’t settle for someone who wants a half-arsed love – I do not condone one-night stands or an open relationship. If you choose to be in a relationship with me you need to commit and invest your undivided love and attention to the growth of our union. I will not water your garden if you cannot water mine. Love is not a one sided affair, it takes two to tango.

4. Someone who does not believes in me or discourages me

I will not stand for a relationship where there is discouragement, or someone who belittles me due to their own fragile ego. I am looking for someone who will motivate me to achieve all my goals and in turn I will motivate you to do the same. I will not tolerate someone who sees my mild depression as a laughing matter – my feelings, hopes and dreams are of importance, just as yours and I will not tolerate a ‘love’ that does not show me respect in that aspect.

5. Someone who does not take responsibility for their actions

If you cannot acknowledge the fact that you have hurt me and actually apologize, then you can f*ck right off. I don’t want someone who thinks their mean words and actions can be justifiable. Take responsibility for the way you have treated me, own up, apologize and grown from your mistakes. No one deserves to be hurt by you just because you are hurting.

6. Someone who blames me for their problems

Don’t make your problems my problems mine. You are the creator of your own reality. I do not need a man who blames our relationship for the fact that he cannot achieve his goals and dreams. I need a man who can fend for himself and who has faith in my ability to help him get over his own personal hurdles, not blame me for it.

7. Someone who uses their insecurities to control me

I am, like you, my own person – do not allow your insecurities to control me. Communicate your feelings, fear and insecurities and together we will work through them. I will never settle for a relationship where I feel trapped. I need to be able to experience life freely, void of your fears and control.

8. Someone who is manipulative

I was brought up to recognize manipulation, so if you are going to try and manipulate me, I will know. I know my worth and what I want and will never allow you to manipulate me for your own personal gain. Putting me down will only make me stronger.

I would rather be alone than be with anyone who does not show me the respect and love I show myself, so either match it or f*ck off.  know who I am and what I deserve, I am not to be taken for granted, and one thing I know for certain is that life is too short to be settling for relationships that do not fulfill me on an intellectual, spiritual and emotional level.

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