Real Intimacy Doesn’t Involve Taking Your Clothes Off

 Intimacy derives from the Latin word “intimus,” which means“inmost.”

That is to say, these things which are the most personal to us and which we wouldn’t like to share with everyone. The same goes for intimacy in love. It’s not related to showing our naked body.

Real intimacy is a way for two people to be together and experience something more precious than one passionate night.

It’s like making love but with our clothes on. An intimate communication which focuses on our loving “energy”. The one we and our partner exchange. It’s how we see our loved one and how they see us. How we touch, how we talk to each other. It’s a different kind of love. Not a material one which leads only to physical satisfaction. It’s what connects us emotionally to our partner.

Below are some interesting and original ways to become intimate with your partner without taking your clothes off:

Be close to your partner

Share your hobby and learn new things together. Teach your friend how to ride a bike, or to swim. Eat ice- cream together, go camping, travel. This way you become closer and your relationship deepens. Hug, kiss, make them understand you care through discrete physical contact. You can also think of something creative – write them a letter or leave a sticky note on the computer screen. Make your partner aware you are there for them. We feel loved when we are touched. We are happy when our loved one expresses their love.

Share your food

Meals are a very important part of our lives. We spend a lot of time preparing and eating our food. Food preferences also say a lot about our character. That’s why finding a partner who shares the same tastes and could be a companion during meals is a very good way to strengthen our relationship.


Confessing your thoughts, feelings and interests to your partner is another way of showing them how close you are. Let your communication be honest and open. Get to know each other by destroying the boundaries that set you apart. Share your scares as openly as you share your dreams. Expose your vulnerability. It makes you put down your walls and reveal all of yourself.

Be friends with them

Friendship is the best way of building a sound relationship even with our romantic partner. Friends are the ones who are always by our side, the people who we respect and who we also have fun with. So, try being a good friend to your partner as this could bring the success of your love relationship as well.

Hopefully, in the hook-up culture, we’ve been living, more and more people understand that real intimacy is not related to nudity, or at least not that much. It’s something deeper which makes us feel truly connected to our partner and help us build a relationship. It’s the foundation of true, long-lasting love.

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds… — The Notebook

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