A Wise Woman Will Leave When She Realises That The Love She Is Giving Is Not Reciprocated

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”  ― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

It wasn’t until she realised that she deserved better, did she make the decision to leave.

She chose you, above all, and you chose to remain oblivious. Her love for you was unconditional – all encompassing. She didn’t care about your flaws and imperfections because she saw you as perfectly imperfect and that was good enough for her.

She loved you with all she had and asked for nothing in return except for you to love her back.

When you needed a shoulder to cry on she was there. She wanted nothing but the best for you, to love and nurture you, to help you remember what it was like to love and be loved. The idea of you and her lasting forever didn’t seem impossible. She envisioned a life with you, where you and her would live and thrive together.

She made it her swan duty to remind you of your beauty, everyday, even in your darkest moments.

She gave you her mind, body and soul.

Life with you became her priority, her concerns were that of your well being. She cared for you, made sure you were fed and most of all, made sure you went to bed knowing you were loved.

But, you were too caught up within your head and became, for a lack of better words, selfish. Her emotions were too raw and real for you, so you chose to ignore them and in that, she learned how to be there for herself. You became complacent with being loved and cared for so you forgot that she too needed love, just as any human does. You took her and love for granted and chose to remain oblivious to the fact that love is a two way street, and that one cannot tango by themselves.

You see, when you have a woman who chooses you above all, you have to realize that she will continue choosing you until the end of time. However, a wise woman knows when to leave, and they only make that decision when they realize that only so much of their love can be given to another, there comes a time when that love needs to be given to themselves.

If you do not reciprocate the love and attention you’re given, in any relationship, the person giving it to you will eventually get tired, tired of putting all their time and energy into a something that in the end, doesn’t actually appreciate it.

When she leaves she will leave a whole in your heart, for there will never be another lover who will be able to love you the way she did, unconditionally.

There is a possibility that in the end, her love would have taught you one valuable lesson, to be loved is the greatest gift of all.

Hopefully, the emptiness that her leaving you causes you, will make you learn how to reciprocate the energy one puts into you, and the relationship you share with them. In learning how to give someone all that they have given you, allows the relationship to grow, because in the end, the best kind of love is the one where each person waters the other, and together you blossom into the best versions of yourself.

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