Your Mental Health is Equally As Important as Your Physical Health

Do you consider your mental health equally important as your physical health?

Think about it, the top things we wish to live up to usually revolve around our health.

To keep our physical health good, we set goals like making it to gym three times a week. We set goals to eat healthier, and see our doctor when the blood pressure reading is too high.

However, sometimes we tend to neglect the fact that our mental health plays just as vital of a role to our well being.

If we aren’t vigilant to take good care of our mental well being, everything slips. Our job performance slips, our relationships slip, and we just become a big pile of slop.

Acting in a preventative manner towards our mental health can make all the difference. If we start taking steps to keep our mental health in tip top shape, we will be less prone to suffer from mental health problems. Clearly, these problems with mental health include: Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, and just plain Lethargy. Read on to prevent this from happening to you!

1. Stay up on your medications if you’ve been prescribed any to help with mental health issues. Talk to your psychiatrist if you need a dose adjusted.
2. Get plenty of shut-eye. Sleep is important in regulating our bodies to do what they do best. When you skimp on the sleep, you’re taking a gamble with your mental health.

3.  Practice breathing exercises throughout your day. Many can be found online, they’re a dime a dozen. They do clearly work though.
4. Go to see a psychotherapist. Maybe talking to someone could help you sort stuff out in that dangerous neighborhood that is your brain.

5. Schedule time in for your hobby or doing something that relaxes you. It’s all about getting in that flow, baby! Don’t be ashamed to say it’s a priority.
6. Have a good laugh! You can’t laugh and be sad at the same time, just sayin’!

7. Write out things that bring you joy! When all you focus on is the bad, that’s all you’ll see.
8. Accept that others are who they are. You also ain’t changing them. Change the one you can – and that’s you!

9. Get Moving! Do some exercise every day to make your body and mind sharper!
10. Choose discomfort over resentment. If you don’t want to do something, say so. It’s alright to say NO be uncomfortable for a minute instead of saying Yes, and being a pile of resentment.

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