9 Characteristics Men LOVE About Women

The age-old question seems to have revolved around one and the same issue. Namely…what makes us attractive to the opposite sex? We can get into all the bio-science jazz of the issue like: “Well, you are more attractive when you are most fertile- when you’re ovulating”.

I kid you not this is an answer I got once. While it may be true, all I wanted to hear was a nice compliment. Thank you?

So, you may be wondering now: “What do men want in a woman? What makes them interested in you in the first place?”

Aside from you being smoking hot, here is a nice little list of 9 characteristics men appreciate the most in a woman.

1. Sense of humor

Exhibit A. Yes, you guessed it. Having a witty sense of humor is definitely one of those things that gets men all crazy for you. Think about it, you might find that same thing attractive as well. It’s pretty much a human thing to want your “significant other” or summertime fling to be fun, outgoing…and be able to make you spit out your drink from laughter. Not to mention, flirting becomes way easier while having a good laugh. So, I can’t stress this enough: a great sense of humor can get you a long way in the dating world.

2. Being opinionated

Yes! You might have not expected that, right? Clearly, we are talking about the ability to have an intelligent conversation. Moreover, having opinions on issues, be it personal or not. It’s always a good quality to be well-spoken and confident in yourself. This is definitely not about arguing just for the sake of it, but showing a wiser, intelligent side of yourself. It’s always a good look.

3. Being a child in spirit

No, this does not mean acting childish and throwing fits every once in a while. On the contrary, it is very admirable and amicable to sometimes act freely and playfully as a child would. This characteristic is the absolute opposite of having to be “the serious grown-up ” all of the time. Therefore, taking the time to surprise someone with a silly prank or act goofy around them for a bit is an underrated turn on.

4. Kindness

They say men look for the “bad b*tch” type a lot nowadays. Of course, this statement is true for some, but at the end of the day, people are most attracted to sincere acts of kindness. A kind heart will always be a cherished characteristic, as it shows strength and courage. So, whether you choose your words with care and compassion, act respectfully towards the ones around or have a favorite charity you donate to, know that your actions do not go unnoticed.

5. Intelligence

Although intelligence could seem like a vague term, it is actually a highly important one for those men out there seeking a partner. Intelligence shows in your speech, body language, as well as behavior. On the one hand,  traditional intelligence is very sought after. It shows broad knowledge of the world or even expertise in a certain area. However, emotional intelligence also plays a big part in the quest for a significant other. As mentioned above, being kind-hearted, approachable and compassionate may be underrated sometimes, but is highly appreciated and admired in the long run.

Intelligence IS sexy.

6. Confidence

Actions speak louder than words and words speak volumes when they are said confidently. Having a certain presence about yourself is very unique. Nothing makes men turn around like a confident walk, look or presence in general. And no, not the overexaggerated “Don’t talk to me” spiel, but having the self-respect and confidence to stand your ground and say it like you mean it.

Be that ‘Naomi Campbell on the catwalk’ in real life. You’d be surprised by the reaction!

7. Affection

Being romantic and craving all that special attention isn’t a thing only the ladies desire. You would be surprised how valuable affection is for the men out there, seeking to build a healthy relationship…or even a casual one. Intimacy is very important to us as humans in general and achieving a balance between what you receive and give is very important. For men and for women. Some may want more affection than others, but you just have to find the right match.

‘Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars’, however, we got each other covered on this one.

8. Independence

Where do I even begin? A girl who can take care of herself, has ambitions and maybe a career? “Is this real life”- all the men, gasping for air. Jokes aside, there is something so very attractive in an independent woman who is self-aware and makes a living for herself. You do not even suspect how much men respect and love the fact that an independent, successful woman wants to be involved with them. The thought “She has ALL of that going on for herself and wants ME to be a part of it” makes men go absolutely mad.

So, go get the ball rolling for you, girl.

9. Be hard to get

Although it may seem like it,  men don’t want things served on a silver platter. That is BORING. This cannot be stressed enough. The thing is, you have to keep the interest going from day one to one hundred. Of course, it goes the same for women. We do not like things made too easy for us. So, if you really think about it, we are not that different in THIS specific regard. What I mean by all this is that it is never unnecessary to be more playful, plan new things and experiment with your relationship – be it long-term or casual. The result will speak for itself.

And if all fails, open up a bottle of wine and…just kidding. There is no space for failure with those amazing characteristics listed above. As mentioned before, it all comes down to a mix of those very admired qualities.

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