Why Intelligence Really Is Sexy

So why is intelligence so sexy?

Several psychologists have found that males with the healthiest sperm, are those with the highest IQ. Furthermore the sperm quality is correlated with brain quality, explaining that women want smart and funny men because they have the best genetics for their offspring.This finally explains why some of the most intelligent beings have the most admirers – turns out looks are out, it’s now all about intelligence.

And it doesn’t just stop with women wanting an intelligent partner. Contrary to popular belief that males feel emasculated by an intelligent partner, a recent study found that 86% of men would like to date someone smarter than they are, proving that smart is sexy whatever your gender.

Imagine going on a dating app and being able to be certain that everyone has personally been vetted to meet a high standard. Luckily for you, your imagination is no longer needed. Let me introduce you to The Inner Circle, a dating app where every user is hand checked and verified based upon a variety of factors, one main factor being intellect. That’s one tick on the checklist sorted. Now you don’t only have to be a boss, you can date one too.

So is it possible that intelligence and beauty could be equally as important traits?

The two traits are the most sort after yet rarely found in one person, perhaps that’s because our standards are too high or perhaps we’ve all been looking in the wrong place all along. Either way, we’ve got the answer for you. The selective dating app The Inner Circle screens all applicants for ambitious, intelligent, attractive like-minded singletons. This app understands why intelligence really is sexy – you may have heard the saying brains is the new ass, but why can’t you have both?

Now you can – sign up to The Inner Circle for free today.

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