9 Reasons Why It’s Hard For Intelligent Women to Find the Right Man

Why are many beautiful and intelligent women single?

It turns out, there are different reasons, but the major one might surprisingly be their intelligence. Intellect is an extremely positive quality and is supposed to make every woman a desired partner, but in fact, it’s the other way round.

There are studies which prove that the more intelligent a woman is, the more often she is single.

Scientists also have explored the issue. Here is what researchers in the Yale University report.

“There is a big gap – they need men,” stated the author of the research Marcia Ihorn, a Professor of Anthropology at Yale. “There are not enough male college graduates. In other words, there is an oversupply of educated women.”

Since a smaller number of men are graduating from college or university, educated women are struggling to discover a suitable partner. There is a growing intellectual gap between men and women. And this is stopping bright ladies from finding their male equals.

Another study conducted by Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin confirms the tendency that intelligent women have difficulty in finding a partner. However, this time scientists reported another reason for the problem. Men felt “less masculine” when they were in a room with ladies who proved to be more intelligent than themselves. The women in the study underwent initial evaluation in which their level of intelligence was assessed. Men were then invited to evaluate the attractiveness of the ladies in the research. Women who had a higher result on the intelligence test were found less attractive by the men than the ladies who had lower scores. Eventually, scientists who participated in the study concluded that

…when targets were psychologically near, men showed less attraction toward women who outsmarted them.”.

If there’s a problem, it’s not only one of the parties involved in it to blame. The facts provided above are based on statistics and the issue of the delicate male ego. But we think there’s a little to it more than these facts. It has to do with a smart lady’s expectations from her partner which is another essential element for the success of a relationship.

Below are 9 of the most common problems intelligent women have when choosing a partner:

1. Wrong partners are not welcome

Talking about suitable partners, a smart woman most probably won’t make excuses for getting involved with someone who is not a perfect match for her. She could end an unhealthy relationship; In fact, she wouldn’t start one. She could distinguish the red flags long before she becomes too close with Mr. Wrong.

2. They avoid stupid games

Smart women don’t like playing games. While men do. Intelligent ladies wouldn’t put up with intolerable nonsense such as naked pictures or obvious lies. They prefer meaningful conversations and exciting flirts. They want a fascinating man. A person who is worth the time and feelings.

3. Serious commitment is not for them

Intelligent ladies are picky about their romantic partners. They don’t need just a bed warmer. However, sometimes even if they find a man, they might decide it’s not the right time for a serious relationship. Another problem is that very often intelligent women choose career over family.

4. Feel perfectly fine alone

Intelligent women like loneliness. No matter that with a man by her side a woman’s life becomes more comfortable, a smart lady would prefer to stay alone until she finds a suitable partner. She can take care of herself and doesn’t need a man to put her right.

5. Need some time alone

At a certain point, a smart woman could feel tired from all the dates that don’t lead to anything meaningful. In such moments intelligent ladies prefer to stay alone. They could close in themselves and stop seeing men at least for some time.

6. Might seem reserved

Some call intelligent woman cold or distant. However, this is not the case. Smart ladies are to busy to deal with a guy who does not live up to their expectations. They know they can’t change anyone so that they wouldn’t lose their time.

7. Don’t care about prejudice

An outstanding trait of a smart woman is her independence. An intelligent lady could never start a relationship or get married just because society says a woman has to find a husband and have children. Another important point is that a smart woman only dates men who she likes. So, she wouldn’t pay too much attention to the potential husbands her mother thinks are a good match with her.

8. Search for Mr. Perfect

Smart women know they are amazing and are better from the rest. That is why they expect their partner to be nothing less than amazing. They couldn’t be impressed with compliments and presents only. They need more. And most importantly they need a man who is at least as intelligent as they are.

9. Have an interesting life

Intelligent women are also very busy with their own life. They have a career, friends, hobbies. They don’t always have time for dates. And last but not least, as mentioned in the beginning, smart women like their own company and don’t need a man to make their life complete.

Finally, let’s admit that finding love is not easy for anyone. Being smart makes finding the right partner a little bit more complicated. But no matter how picky we are or how busy is everyday life for both men and women, we shouldn’t forget that love and family are the most important things in life.

Maybe you also are a smart woman who hasn’t found their partner, yet? How far do you agree with the reasons discussed in this article? Share your thoughts.

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