Have You Ever Felt Intimidated By An Independent Woman? Here Are 6 Reasons as To Why She Might Intimidate You

“You intimidate me”, I swear I’ve heard those words so many times I’ve almost lost count. Each time I hear it I’m left confused and slightly offended. I don’t see how I can intimidate someone when I’m genuinly a really nice person. The thing that bothered me most about being told this is the fact that the people who were telling me this were all guys.

One day a really good guy friend of mine told it to me straight:

“You make men feel slightly inferior because you’re TOO independent. You’re smart, intelligent and outspoken, all things women aren’t supposed to be in the world of man.”

Now if I said this didn’t anger me I’d be lying but truth be told, I understood where he was coming from. You see, since the beginning of modern times, men and woman have been conditioned into believing that the one is superior to the other, (man being the superior) so when an independent woman makes her presence known, it can come across as intimating to a man who’s  ideas and beliefs are rooted in the past.

However, in my mind intelligent, independent women should be celebrated by men. So why do they feel intimidated? Well, in the past, I’m talking some 30 to 50 years ago, the norm was for women to marry at a young age, have kids, stay at home, look after the children and house, cook food and clean, all while the man goes out and works. He was the bread winner, the pillar holding the home together. This is now a thing of the past, today more and more women are becoming self sufficient and independent. This does not mean that we don’t want a man in our lives, it simply means that we don’t NEED a man to provide for us because we can provide for ourselves.

In recent years, statistics have shown that women now make up 47% of the US workforce and about 40% of women are employed in management or professional fields which basically means that women are now bosses and CEO’s of companies. Generally speaking, most of these women are career driven, self sufficient and independent, meaning there is no man or male figure in her life providing financial support.

Women in power (independent women) tend to be emotionally mature and don’t have time for immature behaviour, especially in romantic relationships.

Having to deal with immaturity is time-consuming and energetically draining, so she’d much rather use her time and energy on working towards her goals and dreams. With this being said, if you’re at a bar and pass a stupid ass joke her way and she tactfully schools you, don’t be surprised.

Independent woman don’t have time for stupid, mundane, shallow small talk or jokes and trust me, she will let you know that you, or the situation is not her cup of tea.

She would rather spend her time being engaged in a deep and insightful conversation than stoop the level of stupid for mere entertainment.

And with that being said its easy to see why that can be somewhat intimidating.

Here are 6 genuine reasons as to why:

1. Independent women make their own money

Past conditioning has lead society into believing that men are the bread winners, however in modern day society, women are providing for themselves and if they have a family, they are bringing equal amounts, if not more to the table. Its easy to see how this can be intimidating for a man who has been conditioned into believing that only men can be bread winners.

2. Independent women are a lot less emotionally dependent

The reason for saying this is that independent women often become independent because life has at some point thrown them a curve ball, and instead of crying about it they decided to actually do something about it. Some call it ‘The art of turning pain into success’, they realized at an early age that you should never rely on anyone, and that the only person who could truly make them happy is themselves. This is where I believe, emotional maturity stems from.

3. Independent women have a zero bullsh*t policy

An independent woman knows what she likes and how she likes it. She makes up her mind and once its made up you’re going to have a hard time convincing her to change it. Independent women know what’s best for them and will always end up doing what is best for themselves regardless of your opinions. We are straight forward and expect the same from the people we meet and interact with.

Don’t sugar coat shit, if we wanted sugar we’d go to the shop and buy a cake. You cannot bullsh*t and independent woman, her eyes are like x-rays and her nose as sharp as a blood hound, so if you were every thinking of slipping one under the table you can guarantee its going to be seen by her, and don’t you for one second think she won’t call you out on your bullsh*t.

4. Independent women are probably far more educated and smarter than you

One thing I can guarantee is that most independent women are self taught women, meaning they’ve had to learn the ways of life on their own. This can sometimes cause issues in relationships, because both sexes like to be right, specifically on a topic they think they know. Women will stop at nothing to prove that they are right, especially when they know they are. 

However, the heading to this point is actually referring to the fact that as mentioned earlier, about 40% of women in the US are CEO’s or in a management position which requires them to be well educated. So basically, you shouldn’t be shocked when an independent woman schools you on a subject you thought you know inside out.

5. Independent women don’t have time for silly, childish games

Being independent means not depending on others for your livelihood or financial stability which, in turn means that independent women have a lot of responsibilities. They are also usually goal-driven women and are constantly working towards their goals and dreams so aren’t necessarily looking to settle down. However, we are still women and more importantly, human – this means that we do get the occasional love and affection cravings and if there were an opportunity to indulge we probably would.

Not in the one night hook up sense but in the, going on dates while both living separately and independently. However, if you’re not serious and have plans to mess her around, or play mind games she will know and your ass will be seeing the door quicker than you could dial a cab.

6. An independent woman will never need you

Lets set the record straight, she wants you, but doesn’t NEED you. Independent women are self-sufficient, hard working and once again, (not to over use the word) INDEPENDENT. She can do anything she sets her mind to, she can get anything she requires or needs, and most importantly she loves herself enough to never settle for anything less than a man who does not tremble at her power but rather celebrates it and encourages it.

She knows that above all, she is the only person who can truly fulfil her dreams and wishes. So if you find yourself in a romantic relationship with a fiercely independent woman, you need to understand one simple thing; you will never have anything she needs because she is all she will ever need and if she ever needed anything else, she will go out and get it. 

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