8 Things Introverts Need In Order To Be Happy

What makes an introvert different?

Being introverted is more than just liking to be alone and socializing less. Introverted people tend to think differently and perceive the world more deeply than those around them. In addition to this, they become tired, overwhelmed, and irritable more quickly than extroverted people; for this reason, they tend to need more alone time than others do. Furthermore, because of these differences, introverts need different things in life.

There are 8 things introverts need to be happy:

1. Alone time to wind down 

As a result of the way they are wired to process events and information, introverts get easily overwhelmed by everyday things. Therefore, they need time to wind down, recharge, and fully comprehend what they have experienced. If introverts fail to set time aside to do so, they may begin feeling burnout and intense fatigue.

2. Meaningful conversations

Introverts avoid engaging in small talk as much as possible. However, this does not mean that they do not like communicating and socializing. Instead, it just means that they prefer having deep and meaningful conversations that allow them to learn and grow.

3. Silence 

While everybody needs some quiet from time to time, introverts need companionable silence. This means that they need people who are comfortable with silence and can spend time with them without feeling like they have to awkwardly make conversation.

4. Space for themselves

Introverts need space to be themselves and dive into their hobbies, interests, and thoughts. In fact, many have a room or corner which is specifically assigned for this. While some may use this space to engage in hobbies, others just need a quiet space where they know they will not be disturbed.

5. Friends who do not pressure them to go out

Introverted people may often choose to stay home instead of going out – even if they have already agreed to plans. For this reason, they need friends who will understand and accept them instead of pressure them.

6. Meaningful and purposeful work

In the same way that they do not like small talk, they do not like meaningless work. Introverted people prefer doing work that has a deeper purpose. They want their jobs to do more than just pay the bills; instead, they want to engage in work that changes lives and touches people.

7. Independence

Contrary to what many may believe, introverted people value independence and freedom. Having independence means being free to make your own decisions about how you want to live your life and for introverts, this is vital.

8. Loving and caring friends and family

Introverts are never the center of attention. On the contrary, they tend to blend into the background and remain hidden behind the extroverted and loud people. However, just like everybody else, they crave people who will love and care for them. Having friends and family who love and accept them despite their introverted quirks means more to them than one can imagine.

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