10 Highly Effective Tips On What Could Make An Introvert Happy

Are introverts the people we think they are?

Many of us don’t have a realistic idea of how an introvert’s mind works. For most people, they are individuals who are genuinely unable to enjoy a life full of fun, parties and time spent with their buddies. For others, introverts are so damn attractive.

Few of us can imagine that an introvert could do something different than spend a quiet Friday night at home. And that makes the more outgoing and open people feel pity for them. Fortunately, more clarity has recently been brought to what introverts are really like.

In a nutshell, they are unique, and the same goes for the things that make them happy or miserable. If you are romantically involved with an introvert, you’ve probably been wondering why most of the things you do to make him or her happy do not actually work as expected.

Below are the top ten tips on what could make an introvert feel happy and:

1. Learn to read them right

It is sometimes hard to understand your introvert friend. It could be hard to grasp the complexity of their character. This is because introverts usually have difficulties expressing their true feelings and always try to behave the way society expects them to.

For example, your introverted boyfriend or girlfriend may pretend to be having the fun of their life at the party you’ve brought him or her, but deep down he or she may crave the peace and comfort of their home.

Hence, to make an introvert happy and content, you should learn to read them right in the first place, and become aware of what they really need. Only then will an introvert feel in harmony with the world around them.

2. Engage your introvert friend or partner in meaningful conversations

Introverts feel much more deeply than others and that is why they can’t stand meaningless small talks and gossiping. What they really enjoy are meaningful conversations and friendships. They enjoy the company of people from whom they can learn new things.

In this path of thought, it has been established that introverts hardly enjoy a party where they know very few people. Small talks, noisy atmosphere and unknown people are just not a part of an introvert’s natural habitat. They would much rather spend an evening with a good friend than socialize with strangers.

3. If an introvert is alone, this doesn’t mean they’re lonely

Introverts enjoy being in their own company. When they are alone, this does not necessarily mean they are lonely. They are more productive when they work individually than when they’re in a group. These people need personal space to concentrate better on their tasks.

They tend to focus on details but can only do so when they are alone. If you are the boss of an introvert, give them their own office and let them unleash their true potential.

4. When introverts socialize, they make friendships for life

Introverts do not socialize, they communicate. So when an introvert lets you know that you are his/her friend, it means you really matter to them. What is more, introverts rely on their friends a lot, and they really appreciate their company and advice. An introvert’s social circle may not be too wide, but it is very important to them.

5. Socializing is exhausting for introverts so they need peace and quiet to recharge their batteries

Being an introvert in a world made by extroverts for extroverts is exhausting. Every day, introverts have to survive in all sorts of situations created and dominated by extroverts.

This constant struggle drains their emotional energy. That is why you should make sure to give your introvert friend or partner their daily dose of tranquillity. They need a place where they can relax and recharge their batteries. They need to spend some time by themselves. If they can’t, they become physically and mentally exhausted.

6. Introverts of a feather flock together

It is not true that introverts avoid making new friends, it’s just they are highly selective. That’s why they tend to befriend fewer people and rarely socialize. In addition, introverts’ closed personality usually excludes them from their friends’ crazy adventures.

As far as there is relevant information on the subject, introverts aren’t generally thrill-seekers, although there might be exceptions to that rule. Notwithstanding, introverts’ buddies have to respect the specificities of their character.

7. As a rule, introverts avoid noisy places

As I said above, introverts appreciate the gift of silence more than anything else in the world. You may have noticed that introverts weigh their words carefully and never engage in empty talks.

Their words are charged with meaning and when you talk to an introvert, you’d better listen carefully. The pauses in your conversation with them may be long, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

8. What an introvert needs most of all is a supportive friend

For introverts, expressing their feelings might be difficult sometimes. Since these people tend to close themselves off, they find it hard to talk about their feelings, if they ever pluck up the courage to do so. Introverts seldom if ever have confidants.

They may only confide in people who understand them completely, and give them enough time to analyze and come to terms with what they really feel at the moment.

9. An introvert’s emotional reactions may be slower, but they are always deeper

Introverts do things at their own pace. As a result, they need more time to react to different situations. Introvert pupils usually take longer to answer the teacher’s questions, but this does not mean they do not know the answers.

It is just that introverts carefully plan what they are going to say. It is probably good to know that they find it hard to work under pressure and tend to be less efficient if they have to. In general, they need sufficient time and a quiet office to cope with their tasks.

10. Introverts either put their heart into what they are doing, or they quit

The fact that introverts work at a slower pace does not mean they are not ambitious. You can bet, however, that there are few jacks-of-all-trades among them. Introverts, usually have life goals and follow them slowly, but steadily. They always choose to do something they like and find meaningful. Otherwise, they get upset and quit. Unless introverts are very much into what they do, they cannot make progress and achieve the results they are expected to .

Do you agree that if most of the things listed above make you happy, there’s a big chance you are an introvert?

Please, share your opinion in the comments.

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