10 Highly Effective Tips On What Could Make An Introvert Happy

Are introverts the people we think they are?

Many of us don’t have a realistic idea of how introverts function. For most people, introverts are individuals who couldn’t enjoy a life full of fun, parties and time spent with buddies. Nobody would imagine that an introvert could do something different than spending a quiet Friday night at home. And that makes the more outgoing and open people feel pity for them. Fortunately, recently, more clarity has been brought to what introverts really are like.

These people are unique, and the same goes for the things that make them happy or miserable.

Below are ten tips on what could make an introvert feel glad:

1. Accept themselves

Many introverts don’t realize they are individuals with a unique personality. That’s why all of them have difficulties expressing their true feelings and always try to behave the way society expects them to. For example, introverted people often pretend to have fun at a party while actually, they want to go back to the peace of their home. To find inner peace introverts need in the first place to become self-aware and aware of what they need. Only then, the introvert could feel happy and content.

2. Make meaningful friendships

Introverts feel everything much more deeply than the others. Their sensitivity makes them intolerant to gossips or intrigues. What they really enjoy are meaningful conversations and friendships. People and discussions from which they can learn new things. That is one of the chief reasons why they can hardly enjoy a party with strangers. Small talks, noisy atmosphere and unknown people, are just not a part of an introvert’s natural habitat. They would much rather spend an evening with a good friend than socializing with strangers.

3. Be alone

Introverts prefer solitude. They are more productive when they work individually than when they’re in a group. These people need personal space to concentrate better on their tasks. They just want to think about everything in details but could only do it when they are alone. Living in a world which favors extroverts is not easy for these people who need a quiet place to be on their own so badly.

4. Establish valuable connections

Introverts find trivial socializing irrelevant. That’s why if an introvert thinks you are his/her friend it means you really matter to them. What is more, introverts rely on their friends a lot, and their friends’ company and advice are crucial to them. Fellows, no matter they might not be too many, are an introvert’s primary source of happiness every single day.

5. Find peace and calm

Being an introvert is exhausting. You have to integrate into all sorts of environments full of intense activities and extrovert people. It makes introverts struggle and drains their emotional energy. That is why a daily dose of tranquillity is crucial to them. They need a place where they could relax and recharge. They need to stay alone with themselves. If they can’t do this, they could become physically and mentally exhausted.

6. Meet suitable peers

It is not true that introverts avoid making new friends. They are just picky about the people in their close circle. That’s why they tend to befriend fewer people and make contacts more rarely. On the top of that, introverts’ closed personality usually excludes them from their friends’ crazy adventures. And introverts’ buddies have to respect their character.

7. Avoid noisy places

They crave tranquillity. That’s why you would notice that introverts are silent most of the time. And they are OK with it. The reason for this is they think about everything very profoundly, and it is normal not to talk too much and allow long silent gaps while communicating. Introverts’ friends are aware of these specific traits of their character and don’t get awkward because of the pauses in the conversations. After all, speech is silver, silence is golden.

8. Supportive Friends

For introverts expressing their feelings might be difficult sometimes. Since these people tend to close themselves off, they need time to confess their feelings to the rest of the world if they do it at all. Introverts only confide in people who understand their character and who give them enough time to feel ready to explain what they are going through.

9. React at their own pace

Introverts do things at their own pace. For example, they need more time to react to different situations and are the kind of people who think long before answering. Introverts carefully plan the way they talk to others. Furthermore, they find it hard to work under pressure and tend to be less effective if they have to. On top of that, they need sufficient time and quiet atmosphere to cope with all tasks.

10. Achieve goals

Introverts are ambitious. They are not like most of the people who are happy to work terrible things just to pay the bills. Introverts, usually have goals and follow them. They should always be doing something they like and find meaningful. Otherwise, they get upset. Unless introverts are very much into what they do, they cannot get satisfaction and feel happy.

Do you agree that if most of the things listed above make you happy, there’s a big chance you are an introvert? Please, share your opinion in the comments.

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