A Guide To Better Understanding Your Introvert Friend

As its title suggests, the main purpose of this article is to help all extroverts out there get some better understanding of their introvert friends’ ways.

In a world that seems to be made by extroverts for extroverts, introverted people’s quietness and thoughtfulness is often misinterpreted as apathy and anti-social behavior.

The Seven Steps to a Healthy Relationship with an Introvert

Whether you are in a relationship with an introvert, there are certain dos and don’ts that you should bear in mind, so as to facilitate communication and build a long-lasting bond with him or her.

1. Me, Myself and I: Alone Does Not Mean Lonely

If you are an extrovert by nature, you probably find it very hard to cope with solitude. Being around other people gives you a sense of belonging and reassurance.

While you may regard solitude as the perfect synonym of loneliness, you’ve got to understand that your introvert friend actually feels quite comfortable enjoying their own company. This does not necessarily mean that they eschew being among people, neither are they being anti-social.

It’s just that they appreciate the moments when they are by themselves, able to listen to their own thoughts and even doubts. So, give your introverted friend their personal space and respect their privacy!

2. Introverts Use Words Sparingly

Most extroverts are quite chatty by nature, and many of them seem to easily get inebriated by the loquaciousness of their own verbosity.

Introverts, on the other hand, seem to be using words sparingly, and usually with utmost precision. So, if your introvert partner is silent most of the time, this doesn’t always mean he or he is hiding something from you.

It’s just that they think that you talk more than enough for both of you.

3. In The Limelight

In the age of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it is almost incomprehensible that for some people being popular is their least concern.

In fact, the last thing an introvert is after is the latest fashion craze or social trend. As they possess natural aversion to being in the limelight, therefore introverts very rarely make the headlines or appear on TV.

It’s not that they don’t have eyes for the beautiful and the aesthetic. Rather, their artistic tastes and preference are usually very particular.

If you are part of the small social circle of an introvert, there’s no doubt that they’ve accepted you as a true friend for life.

4. Don’t Call, just Text

For an extrovert, long conversations over the phone are an excellent time-filler and even one of the joys of life.

As we established that introverts tend to use words sparingly, they preferred channel of communication is texting.

And when an introvert calls you, you can be sure they’ve got something important to tell you. Also, do not be shocked if, when ringing your introvert friend, you get confronted with the question: “Why are you calling?!”

5. Large Parties: Not My Cup of Tea

If you’ve just started a relationship with an introvert, please do not take him or her to that huge party a colleague of yours is throwing at the end of the week.

As I said above, these people value peace and quiet more than anything else, so they are hardly likely to fancy being at a place where they’ve got to shout their order in the bartender’s ear.

The introvert’s idea of having fun relates to a cozy café, a sophisticated restaurant, or a quiet night in.

6. Unwanted Attention

Because most introverts have natural aversion to publicity, they usually find professional realization as scientists, librarians, and even spies.

Strange as it may seem, some of the most famous Hollywood actors are also proven introverts – Meryl Streep, Harrison Ford and Gwyneth Paltrow, to name a few. This comes to show that even if they don’t like publicity, introverts can cope with it really well.

7. Meaningful Relationships

When an introvert decides to start a relationship with somebody, it’s usually a well-thought decision. Therefore, introverts are very consistent in their relationships and are widely regarded as very reliable partners.

For them, one lasting, meaningful relationship is worth than a dozen of short-lived affairs.

Closing Words

In conclusion, I’d like to touch upon the subject of picking up an appropriate present for your introverted friend. A book seems to be the straightforward choice, but it may not always be the best.

Instead, try to find out what they are really into. Who knows, a top-notch camera lens or a rare stamp may turn out to be a better pick.

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