7 Ways To Show Yourself More Kindness

Are you kind to yourself? 

Self-love and self-care are underrated. While many of us shower our loved ones with kindness, care, and affection, we rarely (if ever) treat ourselves the same way. Instead, we are our biggest and worst critics. Rather than showing ourselves self-compassion, we criticize the things we do and beat ourselves up. When we engage in negative self-talk, we stand in the way of our success and happiness.

There are 7 ways you can show yourself more kindness.

1. Put an end to negative thoughts.

If your thoughts are predominantly negative, they can ruin your life. By simply replacing every negative thought with a positive one, you can change the way you view yourself and the world around you. While this is undoubtedly easier said than done, it can make all the difference.

2. Treat yourself how you do your loved ones. 

When your friends and family members are upset, what do you do? You cheer them up by showing them love and kindness. When they fail, you do not blame them or judge them. Instead, you remind them of how special and talented they truly are. Instead of criticizing yourself and engaging in negative self-talk, treat yourself the way you do your loved ones. Remind yourself of everything you are and show yourself compassion.

Be nice to yourself… It’s hard to be happy when someone is mean to you all the time.

― Christine Arylo

3. Find your passion. 

What interests you? Do you have a purpose? Does something inspire and drive you? If so, do not let it go. Find what you are passionate about and do it more often. Being creative and doing what you love can improve your mood significantly and make you happier.

4. Change the way you see yourself. 

Instead of hiding the things which make you different, learn to embrace and celebrate them. Own who you are: the good and that which you perceive as bad. Look at yourself the way you look at the ones you love. In other words, be patient and kind.

5. Accept your flaws.

Nobody is perfect and it is normal to be flawed. Your imperfections do not make you unworthy of love; they make you special. Show yourself unconditional acceptance and support — you deserve it.

The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.

― C.G. Jung

6. Give yourself permission to feel. 

Have you ever felt silly for being upset by something? If so, you are not kind to yourself. You are allowed to feel upset, angry, and hurt. Allow yourself to feel whatever you want. Feeling and moving on is better than bottling it up and suffering in silence.

7. Learn to say “no”.

The need to please the people around you can sometimes be strong. No matter how much you want to say, “No, I cannot help you,” you always end up saying, “Of course, I will try and fit it into my schedule.” Subsequently, you overwork and overwhelm yourself. Instead of always prioritizing the needs and wants of others, put yourself first every once in a while. Learn how to say “no” so that you can recharge your batteries and refill your cup.

how you love yourself is
how you teach others
to love you.

― Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey

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