7 Reasons Why You Should Not Feel Bad About Removing Toxic People From Your Life

At some point, you will have to remove someone from your life in order to protect yourself.

Friends, partners, and even family members who are toxic have the power to destroy your happiness and harm your wellbeing. When you love someone, it is difficult to admit that they could be negatively impacting your life. As a result, rather than taking action to protect yourself, you begin to make excuses for the ones who hurt you. When you do this, you give them permission to continue causing you pain. Unfortunately, with time, you will understand that the only way to protect yourself is to remove them from your life.

There are 7 reasons why you should not feel bad about removing toxic people from your life.

1. The relationship is one-sided.

For any type of relationship to be successful, both people need to put in the same amount of time and effort. If this person never checks up on you or asks to make plans, it is possible that you are the only one trying to preserve the connection. When you are the only one who puts in effort, you can begin to think that you are not good enough. It follows then that a one-sided relationship can be destructive to your emotional and mental health.

2. They never tell the truth.

Toxic people are skilled at deceit and manipulation. You should never feel bad about severing ties with people who are dishonest and abusive. Letting go of a relationship with such a person will only make your life easier.

3. They use you. 

More often than not, a toxic person will walk into your life and charm you into trusting them just so they can use you. If someone in your life only talks to you when they need your help, they do not deserve you.

4. They always blame you.

When a toxic person makes a mistake, they will never own up to it. Instead, they will twist reality, gaslight you and blame you for their errors.

5. They tear you down.

Toxic people (such as narcissists) often tear down the people around them so that they can feel better about themselves. If someone you love is always pointing out your flaws and shortcomings instead of encouraging you to be better, cut them off immediately. Just like everybody else, you deserve support and love.

6. They do not appreciate you.

No matter what you do for this person, they always complain and want more. In other words, they make you feel like nothing you ever do or say is enough.

7. They will never change.

Most people refuse to sever ties with the toxic people in their lives as they are certain that one day, they will change. Of course, thinking that the ones who have manipulated and abused you will magically become good people will only lead to disappointment. Cut them off and do not look back.

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