Are You In A One-Sided Relationship?

Are You In A One-Sided Relationship?
A successful relationship involves two people loving and caring for each other. Do you think that your partner is not caring for you nor the relationship? Do you feel like you are in a one-sided relationship? Well, you need to move away from it, it will cause you nothing other than pain and misery. You need to know how your partner feels about you. It may be difficult to notice these signs, especially when you are closely in love with them. Like the popular saying, “love is blind” suggests, some people would wait for their relationship to fix itself. That’s the problem: relationships do not fix themselves until those involved in it fix it themselves.

Enjoying the Company Of Outsiders:

There is nothing to worry if your partner has a lot of friends and there is nothing wrong if they are spending time with their friends. But the problem begins when your partner seems to enjoy the company of outsiders more than they enjoy being with you? If yes, there is a possibility that they are not interested in you anymore. When your partner feels like going out he won’t ask you to come along. Even if you want to spend time with them, they would try to avoid it by giving silly excuses. They would stop calling you, they would stop texting you. And they would prefer calling up their friends, they would be willing to spend time with outsiders while you are all alone and lonely. Everything will be about them, they won’t be willing to acknowledge your feelings. You would never be a priority for them. And they will come up with several excuses to spend only a few hours with you. So if you are with a person like that, you might leave them before it causes you more pain.

Stops Caring:

Why do you fall in love with someone? It’s because they care for you. It’s because they seem to care about every aspect of your day to day life. What if he doesn’t show any interest in your daily life? It is because he doesn’t care about you. A caring partner always wants to hear how your day is going. They would keep you engaged all through the day by sending you messages, they would keep on asking what is going on. Eventually, they would even stop talking to you, it could be a text or a call, it would be very difficult for them to respond. They would rather be doing something else than spending time with you. At one point, they would start to ignore you completely and would no longer be caring for you. You better do the same, don’t bother them you deserve someone better than them.

Missing In Relationship Problems:

People are often eager to help their partner when they have a problem in the relationship. If your partner isn’t invested in a relationship he/she doesn’t care if you are dealing with problems and will never help you to solve the problems. They won’t show up until you have solved the problem yourself. They would ignore everything that is related to the problem you are facing. They would be completely missing until you solve the problems yourself. They will be completely detached from the relationship. They would stop doing fun things even when they have time to do, dates will become rare. Do you think your partner is doing this to you? If yes, it’s better to let go of them, all you could gain from such relationship is painful memories.

No Appreciation:

Remember how your partner use to appreciate you for everything you do for them? No matter how big or small it is. But if you find yourself in a one-sided relationship, everything you do will be taken for granted. You will find yourself unable to enjoy good moments with your partner. And whatever you do for them, no matter what you had to go through, they would think it’s your responsibility to serve them. Is this the kind of partner you want? Do you think hat he/she will enhance your life. Will you be able to commit to a long lasting relationship with them?

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