5 Signs You Are In The Wrong Relationship

How can you tell if you are in the wrong relationship?

Do you often find yourself wondering whether or not you are in the wrong relationship? Many people find that there are numerous things that they do not like about their partners, but they stay with them regardless. Some do so out of fear of being single and others lie to themselves, believing that the relationship is fine. Unfortunately, staying with somebody and hoping that things will magically work out always results in heartbreak. Luckily, there is a way to find out if your partner is the one and if your relationship has what it takes to succeed.

There are 5 signs that you are in the wrong relationship.

1. You cannot rely on your partner. 

When you are in a strong and healthy relationship, you know that you always have your partner’s back and vice versa. This means that regardless of what happens, your partner will be there to help you. In fact, they would be willing to drop whatever they are doing and come help you if you are in trouble. Moreover, it goes without saying that you should be able to rely on your partner for the small things too. If you cannot count on them to do a simple chore for you or show up when you are in trouble, you are in the wrong relationship.

2. You are not growing as a person.

Does it feel like you are stuck and stagnant? If so, the person you are with does not encourage, challenge, or inspire you to be better. When you are with the right person, you both grow as individuals and you work towards achieving your personal goals. In other words, if your relationship does not encourage development and growth, let it go.

3. You can see yourself with other people.

It is normal to admit that other people are good-looking or attractive. However, it is not normal to daydream and fantasize about others. More importantly, if you consider acting on these daydreams, you should break up with your partner immediately.

4. There is no trust.

All it takes for a relationship to fall apart is for one partner to lack trust. If one of you is always having to justify their actions, the relationship is unhealthy and wrong. Partners should be able to trust each other and have faith that they will not be betrayed.

5. You are unhappy

This is the easiest way to tell that you are with the wrong person. If you were with the one who is meant for you, you would feel content and happy. Feeling unhappy and unfulfilled means that the relationship is not right for you. Break it off, move on and find somebody who will make you happy.

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