7 must-know reasons why trust in a relationship is more important than love

He who does not trust enough, will not be trusted.  – Lao Tzu

Most people believe that pure and honest love is the most important ingredient in any relationship.

One can argue, however, that trust is the most essential component of a successful relationship.

In its absence, you can end up being constantly hurt and worried. If you don’t have unquestioned trust in your other half, you end up wasting too much precious time worrying about where they are, who with, and what they are doing and eventually end up feeling sickly paranoid.

And surely, this is not the kind of relationship you signed up for.

Here are 7 reasons why trust always trumps love in any relationship:

1. Trust sets it all in motion

If you want true love, you really need to put all you’ve got in it. It is more of a binary. You are either with or against that person. You are in love with him or her, or you are not.

The binary approach is similar to the example of a criminal defense lawyer. The lawyer is brought in to be there for the client, regardless of feelings. It is their choice to support the client, as soon as the contact has been made and it is decided that the lawyer will represent the client.

In the same manner, trust is a decision. Love may inspire you to keep on moving the relationship forward, but trust is a decision. If you want to take care of someone, you need to start by giving them your trust.

You need to let go of any thoughts you may have in the back of your head and believe that they will not intentionally hurt you and will be there for you the same way you are there for them.

2. You become a better person

When you trust your significant other, you let go of all uncertainties and insecurities about spending time apart. You become more willing to give your partner the space they need. And as a consequence, you can find more time for yourself without having to worry about your relationship. This lets both of you focus on self-development and turn into better human beings and partners.

3. Trust defines peace in the relationship

Often, the willingness to search for trust also demonstrates a willingness to seek peace.

When there are differing opinions or even disputes in a relationship, trust guides you both toward that peaceful resolution. In this manner, you are at peace with yourself as well as with your partner, and in all certainty, he or she feels the same.

4. Trust helps you control your emotions

We are all emotional creatures, and in most circumstances, we tend to emphasize the means rather than the result. We like to engage in relationships that have meaning and true value.

But how do we decide at the start whether a relationship will turn out to be that way? We use trust! We use it to gauge the kind of relationship we have with other people. And we use it to determine exactly how much of our own being we should give to others.

5. Love can cloud your judgments but trust puts a light on them 

We tend to think that love can be our one true savior in times of despair. But the reality is, we are usually too blinded by it to actually make rational judgments. We become too occupied in trying to gain the approval, acceptance, and admiration of our loved one while failing to realize that in fact, love is suppressing our ability to think sanely.

And this is where trust enters the ring. It helps you understand whether the person standing in front of you is truly worth the effort. And it helps you differentiate between the people who you will have a lifelong connection with and those who will at some point leave.

6. Trust gives you the chance to steer the relationship forward

Your options are two; you can either halt your relationship or move it forward. If you have decided to put trust in your partner, you will likely improve yourself and your relationship. If you throw trust by the wayside, you will in effect remove the guide along the path that helps you through these difficult times.

7. Trust boosts your confidence

Trust can actually help you accomplish more in life. When you know that the one you love will be by your side to support and love you even when you fall down, you feel a deep strength to face and overcome even the stormiest times. Your significant other will give you the confidence to develop new skills and take on new challenges to achieve your dreams and goals.

Do you believe that trust is more important than love?

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