The Psychology Behind Why Being Single Is Better Than Being In A Toxic Relationship

Many people wrongly believe that being single means being unhappy.

Those who have been in toxic relationships know that being in a relationship does not always mean being happy. Similarly, being alone does not necessarily mean that you live an unhappy or unfulfilling life. Being in a relationship with a toxic partner can be extremely debilitating as an abusive partner has the power to destroy your mental and emotional wellbeing. Victims of toxic relationships know that it can take years to recover from manipulation and abuse. Even after breaking up, many people are left suffering from the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Relationship Syndrome (PTSR). It follows then, that sometimes it is better to be alone but happy rather than unhappy in a toxic relationship.

A study found a link between cardiac diseases and toxic relationships.

According to a Whitehall II study, personal relationships affect your risk for developing a cardiac disease. Researchers conducted a long-term study (12.2 years) and followed a group of around 10,000 participants. The study controlled for psychosocial factors, lifestyle and social demographics, as well as biological factors. Participants were asked to answer questionnaires and evaluate the negative aspects of their closest relationships (64% of these relationships were with spouses).

Through the study, researchers aimed to understand how negative close relationships affected the development and risk of cardiac diseases. Ultimately, the study results showed that participants with negative personal relationships were at a greater risk of a cardiac event than those who had positive close relationships. Thus, the study revealed that toxic relationships have the power to harm us physically — not just emotionally and mentally.

There are 4 reasons why being alone is better than being in a toxic relationship.

1. Single people tend to be healthier

When people are single, they are more likely to focus on their health. This means that they often decide to join the gym, do yoga, or learn a new sport when they are alone. Many people who are in relationships claim that there are many things they would do if they had more time to themselves.

2. You learn more about yourself

Single people have more time to discover who they are, what they like doing, and where they want to be. More importantly, they are free to dedicate their time to hobbies and activities which help them work towards their goals.

3. Single people are closer to friends and family

When you are in a relationship, you are bound to distance yourself from friends and family. What is more, people in abusive and toxic relationships are often forced to break off relationships with the people they love most. When you are single, you can put in the necessary time and effort to remain close to friends and family.

4. You become self-sufficient

Single people learn how to rely on themselves. That is, they become confident in their abilities and they learn that they are capable of achieving anything they want to (without any external help). This means that they are often more independent and self-sufficient than people who share responsibilities and rely on one another.

It is important to note that the secret to a happy and healthy relationship is to first and foremost be happy, comfortable, and confident in who you are when you are on your own.

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