Experts Confirm: It’s Better To End an Unhappy Relationship and Here Are 7 Convincing Reasons Why

We are not meant to be alone or to live in isolation but to interact and share our lives with others. That is why finding a life partner is one of the essential things for most of us.

Ideally, a couple should enjoy life in harmony, as a team, sharing their goals, thoughts, and dreams and wishing to spend all their days together.

Having someone to share both the good and the bad times, can improve the quality of life and give more meaning to everything that we do.

But as there is no straight line to get where one is going most, if not all, relationships go through difficulties and challenges, and these challenges can either strengthen or weaken the bond the partners have established.

But the real problem comes from the fact that many people feel afraid of being alone and would rather stay in an unhealthy relationship.

Unfortunately, this could be dangerous and cost you your sanity and experts also think so.

Below, relationship experts provide 7 convincing reasons proving that if you are in an unhappy relationship you might better leave it and be single until you find the right partner for yourself.

1. You don’t feel satisfied

A relationship isn’t always reciprocally satisfying. If partners are rather unhappy with each other, being single is probably the right choice to make. Therapist Heather Gray also confirms this theory.

“Having a person in your life doesn’t mean you have real love,” she said. “When you lie to yourself and pretend your relationship is something that it isn’t, you’re hurting yourself. That lie is embarrassing and shaming. It can make you feel weak and pathetic when you don’t even believe the story you’re telling. Your truth, even the painful one that this relationship isn’t right for you, frees you of that.”

2. When you are alone, you become more confident

Being alone and being lonely are two completely different things. People who are not afraid of staying single, enjoy their own company, this opinion was expressed by Neely Steinberg, a dating coach, and personal image consultant. Here is what she says:

“It’s essential to have some time in your life to discover how to be single, how to be alone and how to get validation from yourself instead of from your relationship status,” Steinberg said. “When you’ve had time to explore your independence, you learn to be comfortable in your skin.”

3. You deprive yourself of the chance to find the right partner

Having a romantic partner might save us from feeling lonely. But if he or she is not the right one for us we might never find the love we deserve because we waste time giving attention to a dead-end relationship.

“You have to get yourself in the right place to find the person who’s right for you,” Gray says. “That won’t happen when you’re accepting less than you deserve from the wrong person.”

4. Being single gives you the chance to figure out what you expect from your partner

To know what you want from your partner is necessary in order to succeed in finding the right one for you. Being single gives you the rare opportunity to answer that question with a clear mind, divorce coach Kira Gould confirms this.

“You can’t assume you know what you want. As life changes, so do we, and so do our priorities, desires, and needs,” she said. “Being single in today’s landscape gives us many opportunities to date, and to explore what sorts of qualities we like or dislike in a partner.”

5. Independent people are sexier

Nothing is more attractive especially to a potential partner than a person who can handle their life. Relationship coach Lisa Schmidt explains why:

“Learning to accept and love who you are without a man or woman in your life makes you more desirable to partners,” Schmidt said.

6. You should never settle for anything less but being happy

Happiness lies within yourself, not in any possible partner or a person you consider a soulmate. Here is the opinion of Steinberg.

“The truth is, a relationship will never bring you happiness if you’re not already happy with who you are and your life,” she said. “The best part of being single is that you get to explore life on your own time and your terms. You get to figure out what makes you happy in life.”

7. Leaving an unhappy relationship is good for your health

Relationship experts from New York revealed that the longer people were in happy, healthy relationships, or the quicker they ended unsatisfying ones, the better their overall health. Here is what Ashley Barr, assistant professor in the Buffalo university’s department of sociology, explained about the findings:

“It’s not being in a relationship that matters; it’s being in a long-term, high-quality relationship that’s beneficial,” she says. Low-quality relationships are detrimental to health. The findings suggest that it’s better for health to be single than to be in a low-quality relationship.”

Many more reasons could be provided to support the thesis that being single is better than being in a bad relationship.

However, what matters is that all the people who don’t feel happy with their partners could understand that life is too short to waste time with someone who is not for them. While there are so many other people, who might be a good match for us.

It’s true that it takes a lot of courage to leave someone you feel attached to and to end a life you are used to because of a life that doesn’t exist yet. But as Paulo Coelho has said:

“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”

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