10 crucial tips for a long-lasting marriage

Marriage is a lifetime commitment.

Marriage means starting a family, procreating, cherishing the love for your spouse, children, and grandchildren for the rest of your life.

In short, marriage should be built to last.

One of the most important secrets to a lasting marriage is to make oneself ready to enter into this kind of relationship. You should not only marry a person because you are in love and feel ready to spend the rest of your days with him or her.

To help you along this important journey here are 10 tips to make your marriage healthy and long-lasting:

1. Communicate

You’ve likely heard this before, but communication is the key to a lasting relationship. Before you choose to get married, make sure your values are aligned. Don’t simply talk about your plans to have children – discuss how you will raise them.

Talk about your finances – how you plan to afford the life you want and your retirement. Then, when you get married, communicate when you are happy and unhappy, what feels right and what feels wrong, your turnons and turnoffs. Don’t play the “strong and silent type.” It won’t get you far if you want it to last. Learn to talk about your emotions.

2. Do not compare your marriage to other couples’

Be thankful for what you have and are given each day. Always be grateful to your husband or wife about the small or great efforts they make to care for you and their love you. If you see other happy couples or families, let them inspire you instead of being envious of them.

3. Accept your spouse for who they are

Accept your other half just for who they are. Don’t attempt to change them. People will and can only change if they feel a personal need to. Accept their strengths and weaknesses along with all the things that make them unique and love them for all that they are.

4. Give equal attention to your partner and your children

When children come along, it is easy to get caught up in a middle-age blur, or the part of your life when work and children can command all your attention. Don’t be one of the people who wake up one day asking themselves, “Where did my life go?” Make time for your partner now, for both of yours and your children’s sakes. Happy couples understand the deep and meaningful benefits of a relationship.

5. Make intimacy a priority outside of your bedroom

Having a great sex life can keep both of you deeply interested, but exploring intimacy outside of the comforts of your bed is equally as important.

Intimacy is not just sex. It’s holding hands on the street, kissing each other good morning and goodbye, spending time without distractions such as phones, computers, TV’s and so on.

6. Surrender your body to your partner

Give your partner authority over your body, and vice versa. This means if your man tells you that he feels uncomfortable with you wearing revealing clothes, honor his wish. And for him, if your wife tells you not to flirt, touch, or be touched by other women, follow what she asks of you.

7. Take good care of yourself

Focusing on your partner and children does not mean you can neglect your own needs. Couples in lasting marriages tend to stay well-groomed and fit because they understand the importance of well-being for both their relationship and themselves.

8. Trust your partner

Understand that trusting your partner is crucial for having a long-lasting marriage. Know your partner better. Listen to her or him. Don’t make false assumptions. If there is no clear evidence that your partner is cheating or lying to you, always treat them as a trustworthy person.

9. Keep in mind that opposite attract

While having a good time enjoying some of the same things makes it easier to spend time with each other, don’t assume that you must share a personality to share a happy life together. if you are an introvert and he or she is an extrovert, it can work because you won’t be pushing each other in either direction.

10. Treat your marriage as a long-term commitment

This may seem obvious, but the people who stay together for the longest commit to the idea that marriage should last. Couples persevere even if they go through years of hardships in their relationships. And they would all agree – pushing through was the best decision they could ever make.

Do you agree with these points? Let us know what you think by joining the conversation in the comments, and please share this article if you enjoyed the read.

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