12 crucial things you should do everyday for a lasting relationship

Relationships are all about giving and sharing.

Feelings, emotions, moments. All of this should be mutual. You should be willing to put enough effort in order to keep your relationship strong and lasting. When you are in love, this shouldn’t be as difficult as it may seem.

If you want to make things work, you have to take some action.

Here are 12 crucial things you should do everyday for a lasting relationship.

1. Accept each other

Love your partner for who they are. Accept their flaws, and never force them to change. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship, you need to remember why you fell in love in the first place. Try to focus on the things that brought you together. Acceptance is crucial and should be mutual if you want to grow as a couple.

2. Appreciate the little things

It’s the cute ‘I love you’ notes in your drawer and the sweet compliments you give each other. It’s the moments when you know you look not even close to pretty, but your partner still tells you how beautiful you are. Or when you wake up in the morning, and you already sense the heavenly smell of your favorite coffee. Don’t underestimate the little things, appreciate them! The more you do these things for one another, the longer you’ll keep the spark in your relationship.

3. Ask instead of assume

In order to be on the same page with your significant other, you have to ask anytime, when you are unsure of something. Whenever you are curious or suspicious about something, it’s better to ask a question, rather than just assume the answer. Assuming can often lead to unnecessary arguments which could weaken your relationship.

4. Learn how to forgive

We are all humans, we all make mistakes. But if you truly care about your partner, you will have to learn how to forgive and accept forgiveness. After all, no one is perfect. So stop blaming each other and try fixing your problems together, instead of ignoring them.

5. Spend quality time together

Don’t forget to make the best of your time together. Go on romantic dates or have a simple movie night at home. Be adventurous. To keep your relationship as strong as it was in the beginning, you have to avoid being bored with each other. One thing you can do to keep the fun in your relationship is to make a list of all the things you want to do and all the places you want to visit together. Then simply start completing them one by one. This way you will always have an answer for when you’re wondering what to do.

6. Don’t lose the intimacy

Never stop being intimate. Not only in a sexual way, but in an emotional too. Give each other sweet forehead kisses, hold hands, cuddle as much as you can. Don’t lose your touch. You should enjoy your each other’s. However, sex is important too, so be aware, and don’t let yourselves lose the passion you have for one another.

7. Don’t be afraid to open up

A real, genuine affection means that you are free to open up and be vulnerable in front of your loved one. When you are together for a long time, sharing must be an inseparable part of your relationships. From thoughts and ideas to feelings and fears, you have to let your partner in your world, and dive into theirs. This way you will establish a real connection, and you’ll be closer than ever.

8. Have some time for yourself

Spending time together is lovely, but don’t forget that you need to give each other some space every now and then. We all have moments when we need our privacy. You are a person on your own, and you need to spend some time alone and focus on your self-growth. Besides, being separated for a while makes you miss each other a little bit and brings back the spark when you are back together.

9. Never lie

Honesty is one of the foundations of any relationship. If that’s gone, then you don’t really have a reason to stay together. Lying only makes things worse than they could be. Instead of hiding secrets and faking feelings, be honest with each other and see how you can fix things together.

10. Respect your boundaries

When it comes to a real, lasting relationship, you need to respect each other’s boundaries. This means that you respect yourselves as well. Setting limits isn’t something wrong in a relationship. In fact, it actually keeps it healthier because you are aware of your partner’s preferences, and they are aware of yours. On the other hand, make sure that you never cross those boundaries because it could lead to unwanted results.

11. Listen

Speak less and listen more. Sharing feelings and emotions are crucial for building a strong relationship. So when your partner is opening up to you, make sure to be there for them, and to actually listen. Don’t interrupt, don’t argue, just listen. Sometimes all we really need is someone who is paying attention to our words and values our thoughts.

12. Put your phone down

You should never pay more attention to your phone than to your significant other. Put it down and have a real face to face talk. You could even set specific times for a technology-free conversations when you would just enjoy one another’s presence. It’s not as hard as you may think.

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