Experts Explain: These 10 Giveaway Signs Could Tell If Your Partner Is Deeply In Love With You (#8 means they are really into you)

They say when it comes to love, you’ll know when you if you’ve met the one. Your forever person should be different than all the others that have come and gone in your life so far.

What can make things a bit difficult though is that there are a lot of behaviors that may look like forever love, but aren’t?

For instance, you should always be suspicious of all people who claim they love you very profoundly right away, advises the matchmaking and dating expert Stef Safran:

“If someone tries too hard to and comes on too strong, this could be a sign you are dealing with a narcissist.”

So then, what does “forever love” behavior look like?

Can we tell whether or not our partner is serious and loves us deeply based on what he or she does or doesn’t do in certain situations?

Here are ten giveaway signs experts say you should be looking out for to know if your partner is deeply in love in you and is interested in a long-term relationship:

1. They love you despite your flaws

Someone who loves the real you isn’t going to care about your hair or your shirt or dress all the time. Looking good is important, but someone who loves you is going to appreciate you on your bad days as they do on your good ones and should love you despite your flaws. Here is what couples counselor Anne-Marie Foscolo says about it:

“A man who is in love with you would notice that you have stretch marks, but he would ignore them in favor of paying attention to your positive traits. He intends to enjoy your figure, not grade it and pick out every single negative detail.”

2. You are one of their priorities

If your partner loves you, they should treat you as a priority in their life. Diana Dorell, an intuitive dating coach and author of The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again, says that if your partner always makes time for you, even when they’re extremely busy, it’s a giveaway sign that you two might have a real love connection with each other.

3. They value your opinion

Another thing that Dorell explains is that the people we love are the people we rely on most and whose judgment and opinions we value. So, if our significant other “asks for our advice and takes our opinion into consideration when making in important decisions in their life,” that’s a sign of love.

4. They make long-term plans with you

If your partner makes plans with you that stretch beyond the next weekend or the next summer holiday that is undoubtedly a sign of serious intentions. Here is what Foscolo says about men and long-term plans:

“If a man is mentioning “someday…” there is more to those longterm plans than meets the eye. Often men pick up on this when they think this partner might be the one and they start making plans with her.”

5. Your partner reveals their vulnerability to you

Undoubtedly, showing vulnerability is difficult especially if we have to reveal it to our partner. Furthermore, in the early stages of romance, the focus is often put on looking good and impressing the person we are in a relationship with. But if we love someone, sooner or later we open our heart to them, even if that means exposing our weaknesses and wounds. And according to Foscolo, it is precisely when your partner starts showing their vulnerability that you could be sure they love you and feel attached to you.

6. They keep their promises to you

If your partner is never keeping promises, that’s a red flag regarding their feelings and intentions about you.

“When someone cares about what you think of them, they make sure that their promises to you matter,” explains Safran.

Moreover, who wants to be with a partner who you can’t keep their promise?

7. They make sacrifices because of you

One of the most important signs of love is whether or not your partner makes sacrifices for you. If the answer is yes, that means he or she is really in love with you.

“When you fall in love, you don’t necessarily push away all responsibilities, but you offer to help your other without any shred of discomfort,” says Michal Naisteter, matchmaker at Three Day Rule.

8. They mirror your behavior

If your partner mirrors your behavior, it means they like you and they have a connection with you. It happens naturally and without any conscious thought (most of the times, some do it on purpose because they know the benefits of mirroring). It is an excellent sign for manifesting that your relationship is reaching a higher level. If you notice that your partner is mirroring you, then they like you, and they perceive that you both have a strong connection.

9. They introduce you to their friends

It’s a good sign proving your partner loves you if they introduce you to their friends and acquaintances, Diana Dorell, also confirms this theory. The reason this is so important is that we usually rely a lot on our friends’ judgment and opinion. What is more, if they want to show you off to their friends, that’s a sign that they are proud to have you in their life.

10. They feel OK to correct you

Contrary to how you expect love to feel, when you become close with your partner, they might start criticizing you. Here is the story of one of Foscolo’s clients she shared with us:

“I’ll never forget the time my boyfriend first corrected me. I wasn’t kind to someone, and he told me he wasn’t happy about it, a thing he had never done before. He felt embarrassed, and I was too. If he were someone who usually corrected me, or did so in an offensive way, I might have taken that for a red flag. But he didn’t like the moment at all, and that’s how I understood he must love me. ”

These ten giveaway signs are among the most common ones proving that you might have found true love. Of course, many more ways of manifesting our love and commitment exist.

Moreover, even if your partner doesn’t show all of these signs it doesn’t necessarily mean they are not a good match and don’t love you.

So, instead of final words, I would like to share a quote from Rainbow Rowell’s book, Landline.

“It’s more like you meet someone, and you fall in love, and you hope that that person is the one—and then at some point, you have to put down your chips. You have to make a commitment and hope that you’re right.”

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