The 10 Most Apparent Signs That Your Partner Is Deeply In Love With You Even If They Don’t Say It (confirmed by specialists)

There’s nothing more amazing than two people falling in love with each other and eventually becoming a couple.

And, if the relationship is strong and healthy, the feelings grow, and the emotions become stronger to the point where both you and your partner start feeling and expressing your mutual love and deep affection for each other.

But even if that is not the case, experts reassure us that it is normal at times the relationship to shift in one direction or the other.

So if you think that the passion is not as strong as it was in the beginning or your significant other is not telling you how much they love you, take it easy!

It doesn’t mean that your partner is not falling head over hills for you.

So, if that is what is going on – you’ve undoubtedly noticed the ten most apparent signs (according to specialists) proving that your significant other loves you way too much (maybe a bit more than you do) even if they don’t say “I love you” to your face.

1. They apologize a lot.

One way to express our love is always to keep the peace in the relationship. That’s why you should pay attention to how often your partner apologizes. If he or she tends to do it regularly, even when there’s no need to do it, it could be because they are very deeply in love with you and don’t want to lose you.

“Extending the olive branch to make peace in your relationship shows one person may love the other a bit more,” explains Vikki Ziegler, a divorce attorney and relationship expert.

2. Your partner always agrees with you.

The same is valid for a partner who agrees with you— even when you’re wrong.

“This shows an undying loyalty that one person may be more in love and willing to be a bit dishonest just to protect the other person in the relationship,” she says.

So, If your partner is always on your side no matter what, it might be a telltale sign that they love you unendingly, and unconditionally.

3. They make plans with you.

If your significant other always tries to include you in their short and long-term plans, there’s a high chance he or she genuinely loves you. Here is what the couples therapist Theresa Herring, LMFT says:

“Checking in with you before making plans means that your partner is prioritizing the relationship, It also shows respect towards the other person and that their time and opinion is important.”

That’s why if you are always present in his or her thoughts and plans, you could be sure you’ve got a serious and loving person by your side.

4. They want to get to know you.

Your partner is genuinely interested in your personality and not only in your looks. They want to get to know you better and become a part of your world. They ask questions about your life, join in activities you like to do, ask about your family, and share the same information about themselves.

5. They introduce you to their parents.

Another sign your partner might be seriously into you is the fact they bring you to meet their parents. April Davis, founder, matchmaker, and dating coach of Luma confirms that:

” Your partner thinks it’s important for you to meet the most significant people in their life because you are important and they see a future with you.”

Therefore, if you haven’t introduced your partner to your family yet, it’s high time you thought about it.

6. They remember important details about you.

If your partner remembers all the important dates and events related to you – like your anniversary and the time of your first kiss, two things become apparent. First, your significant other is most probably a true romantic, and secondly, they’re deeply invested in your relationship (maybe more than you are). As Herring says:

“Committed and invested partners tend to remember the little things and show that they care through gestures.”

7. They always have time for you.

Another sign that reveals your partner’s strong love is if he or she makes time to see you no matter how busy, tired or sick they are. That’s a clear indication they love you and want to spend time in your company and that they prioritize your relationship. So, don’t hesitate to show your partner you enjoy them as much as they do by surprising them from time to time.

8. They might send you long texts.

That one is not always valid since there are all kinds of people and personalities. Nonetheless, long texts are commonly a sign he or she is head-over-heels (especially if it comes to men who usually prefer communicating briefly).

“If your partner sends lengthier messages … I can guess that they are more into you than you are them,” certified counselor David Bennett says. “It’s a sign they’re excited to talk to you; you’re the person they’re thinking about.”

9. They try to please you.

Your significant other’s love for you is so big that they want to make you happy in any possible way. All the time they put an effort in comforting and pleasing you.

“Maybe they know you’ve had a long day, so dinner is waiting at home, or they pick you up and take you out so that you don’t have to worry about cooking,” author and lifestyle expert Jaya Jaya Myra explains.

That is an adorable behavior, and you should also be making an effort to please your partner and making them happy.

10. They are proud to have you in their life.

If your partner’s close friends, family, and acquaintances know that you two are together, your partner loves you deeply and is proud that you are a part of their life. Here is the opinion of Bethany Ricciardi, sex educator and relationship expert with Too Timid “The Romance Company”:

“I wouldn’t judge your relationship off of how many facebook posts they publish of you, but just take note of whether or not they seem proud to have you on their arm or if they’re keeping things low-key in public.”

Eventually, if your significant other displays most of or all of these types of behavior there’s a good chance he or she is mad about you and love you to the moon. However, you shouldn’t feel disappointed if these signs are not present in your relationship. After all the examples provided above are just a small part of the never-ending list of ways to demonstrate love.

Moreover, while people are in a constant search of more original ways of saying “I love you.” we shouldn’t forget that the affection and attachment we feel for our significant other, are most clearly revealed through our actions (and not words). So pay attention to how your partner treats you.

Have you noticed your partner displaying any of the behaviors described above?

Please, share your experience with us.

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