8 Giveaway Signs That He or She Loves You Even If They Don’t Say It.

Starting a relationship could be easy. But reading your partner’s mind?

Well, that might not be a piece of cake. If your partner is comfortable with expressing their affections for you, then you are lucky. But most people have a hard time expressing their romantic feelings no matter how strong they are. Your partner may love you deep inside their soul, but they may not be the most expressive when it comes to sharing just how much you mean to them.

If you’re seriously seeing someone already, read on to find the 8 giveaway signs that show he or she loves you, even if they don’t say it.

1. You are the most important person for them.

If someone loves you, they would do all they can to spend more time with you and be there for you, no matter what. Even if your loved one is busy, they will find time to meet you because this person carves your company. They will make sure you know that you’re special to them, that they think about you, that your relationship is important and that you are at the top of their priority list.

However, If you see that you have to ask for his or her time and attention or there is always something more important that they have to do, this might be a red flag. And unfortunately, if you only take a limited amount of your partner’s attention, he or she most likely is not indeed in love with you. When someone cares about you, you won’t need to make up ways of getting into their heart because you’ll already be there.

2. Their actions are louder than their words.

The saying “a man is only as good as his word” advises us that reliable people are those who live up to their promises. This means that if we have to question someone’s actions and compare them to their statements of good intent, we might not be dealing with the right person.

This is especially true when it comes to love. As this isn’t merely an emotion, it’s a verb, and it is manifested through our actions. If your partner loves you, he or she will show it. They would go out of their way to make you happy even if it’s inconvenient for them. This is the effort they put into the relationship. We all know that when it’s all sunshine and roses loving is easy, but what matters is what your partner does when things get tough. That is where his or her true feelings lie.

3. They love you no matter how you look.

During the early stages of a relationship, most people would try to look the best possible way. It’s a normal thing that we want to look good when meeting up with a potential lifelong partner. Nonetheless, when the relationship has become serious, and we start spending more time with each other, comfort levels become higher, and we might drop of our priority list the need to impress the partner. And if your partner doesn’t mind seeing us in our pajamas, without makeup or with messy hair, it means they love you!

4. They introduce you to their friends and family.

Most of the people would keep their relationship private if it’s not a serious one. It’s just that no-one wants to answer questions and give explanations about something that might end at any given moment. However, if your loved one invites you to meet their friends, surely you matter to them. A serious partner would also talk about you more with his best buds if they are really into you. And last but not least, if your significant other presents you to their family, this means that you are very, very special to them.

5. They want to see you all the time.

If your partner loves you, he or she will try to see you on every possible occasion. If they can, they would meet you every day, wait for hours just for minutes to look at your face. They would crave your company, they would dream to hear your voice, and you feel your touch.

6. You make them proud.

People who are happy in their relationship show it by bragging about it. This way they reveal how much you are worth being loved by him or her. The truth is actually that, when someone loves you, they would be proud of you even if your most significant achievement of the day is managing to do the laundry while the kids are at school.

7. You feel safe with your loved one.

When it comes to men, if the guy is really in love when he feels or sees you might be in danger, he will do all that he could to help you out and won’t allow you to be abused, hurt or harassed by another. In your heart, you feel he would risk his life to save yours if it came down to it. On the other hand, women would do their best to show and prove you are the only for them.

8. They try to get along with your close people.

This is one of the MOST critical signs. So, pay attention to how your partner treats your friends and family. And while he or she may not like all of your family members or buddies, they’ll act respectfully and keep their opinion to themselves, because they don’t want to offend you. Creating a good relationship with your close people is an obvious sign proving they love you, without actually saying it.

How often does your partner say that they love you?

Please, share your experience with us.

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