You Are Not Responsible For Your Trauma, But You Are Responsible For Your Healing

You are not at fault for the trauma you have endured.

Whether you have been traumatized by a toxic relationship or a tragic event, you are not to blame. You should never feel embarrassed of the way you were made to feel or the way it impacts you today. Nobody wants to feel in pain and nobody ever deserves to. For this reason, rather than being ashamed of your past, be kind to yourself in the present. It is normal to feel emotionally or mentally unwell after experiencing trauma: it is not your fault and you are not responsible for the pain you were caused.

Nevertheless, you are responsible for your healing.

When you have experienced trauma and abuse, you are allowed to feel pain. However, your traumatic experience should not be the end of your life. Although you may not be responsible for the hurt you’ve been caused, you are responsible for your healing. Nobody can ever deny that the things you experienced were traumatic. In addition to this, the ones you love will always do their best to show you that they love and support you. Admittedly, they will sometimes make mistakes as they do not understand exactly how you feel or what you need.

Nobody can help you unless you help yourself.

Even though it may feel as though you do not have any strength left to fight, you always do. You are stronger than you think and you have all the tools you need to fully heal. Surrendering to the pain means letting the trauma win. What is worse, it means giving up on yourself. While everyone around you might be trying to help you, nothing will change until you decide to help yourself. Unfortunately, nobody can save someone who does not want to be saved.

When you heal, you become stronger than you were before. 

Once you decide to fight for yourself and your happiness, your life will change. Of course, the journey to happiness will be long and challenging; moreover, you will want to quit countless times along the way. If you do, you will let your trauma rule your life. On the other hand, if you keep fighting for the life you want, you will eventually win. You will not only regain full control of your life but you will also have learned new lessons: lessons that will make you stronger than ever before.

Remember, you have all it takes to heal.
The key to happiness is always in your hands.

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