When you let Anxiety speak louder than you, it tells you nothing but lies

Sometimes you let anxiety speak louder than you.

You allow this negative feeling to overpower you. Eventually, it drains every single bit of energy in your body and makes you feel as if you have lost the battle.

The nasty little voice in your head tells you that you don’t deserve the love of the people who care about you. It convinces you that you’re not worthy of the success you have achieved. It makes you believe that you are a burden that everyone wants to get rid of. And the worst part is that you actually listen to that voice.

The more you let anxiety speak louder, the more you will get caught in its deception.

Your mind fills with toxic thoughts that you are weird, unwanted, incompetent. You only see the negative side of everything around you. You start apologizing for every single thing you do because you feel as if others are fed up with you and your presence deeply annoys them.

If you want someone to stay in your life, you go above and beyond to keep them. In your mind, if you don’t overcompensate for their attention, they will leave you. And whenever someone doesn’t reply or responds with a one-word answer, you immediately think that they don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore.

Your anxiety makes you believe that your true self is worthless.

The demons it comes hand in hand with convince you that if you show your real face, everyone around you will laugh at you. Everyone will think you are crazy for simply being yourself. Once they get to know you, they will despise you for who you are.

As you allow your inner demons to destroy your mental health, you eventually start hating yourself.

You get obsessed with every little thing about you that makes you feel vulnerable and insecure. This obsession makes you a victim of your own mind. You get trapped in self-doubt and uncertainty that is eating you alive. You start telling yourself that you are not good enough, clever enough, beautiful enough to be accepted by others. This makes you feel certain that wherever you do, you will fail. And the fear of failure makes you even more insecure and anxious.

Everything you have done is pointless. Everything you are is worthless. Everyone you love will leave you. That’s what anxiety tries to tell you. That’s what the nasty little voice in your head is roaring.

But there is another voice, a little quieter one, that tells you you can overcome all of that.

It tells you that you are stronger and more resilient than you think. You are powerful enough to get out of this trap and move forward. You can fight back and crush the demons that are dragging you down. This voice tells you that you are good enough and you deserve to be loved.

It is your job to decide which voice are you going to listen to – the voice of your anxiety, or the voice of your true nature. Are you going to believe that you are worthless, or are you going to defy that and prove to yourself that you are worthy?

Unfortunately, anxiety is not something you can defeat forever.

Every once in a while, you will be struggling with negative thoughts. However, you can learn how to cope with those thoughts and to prevent them from taking over. The choice is yours. Never forget that.

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