10 covert anxiety triggers you need to look out for

Anxiety is a complex mental health issue that can be triggered by various factors.

Unfortunately, many of these triggers are not easy to be detected. In fact, there are people who have no idea they are suffering from anxiety.

While, in most cases, anxiety appears after a traumatic emotional experience, it can sometimes occur with no apparent cause. What is more, we usually have little to no time to prepare for handling such a severe mental health illness. Sometimes we find ourselves right in the middle of an anxiety attack, not having a single clue how we got there.

Here are 10 overlooked determinants that are likely to trigger anxiety issues.

1. Avoiding socializing.

It is not a secret that many anxiety attacks occur while the person is in a crowded place surrounded by people who make them feel uncomfortable. However, the opposite situation can also be an anxiety trigger. Spending too much time on your own can trick your mind into thinking no one is there for you, which can definitely provoke a severe panic attack. That’s why it’s extremely important for you to understand that socializing also has its mental health benefits. It helps you keep in touch with reality and improve valuable social skills such as empathy, awareness, and insightfulness.

2. Lacking motivation.

Having goals to chase and dreams to turn into reality shapes your purpose in life. When you have something to look forward to, you also have a reason to wake up in the morning and start your day with a smile. But when you lack motivation, you can easily fall into a deep depression and experience harsh symptoms indicating anxiety. What you can do to prevent this is adopting a workout routine that improves your physical health, as well as makes you feel good about yourself. Exercising releases dopamine, the ‘happy’ hormone, which makes you feel productive and crushes depression into pieces.

3. Stress-handling issues.

Life is an overwhelming mess. It can make you go out of your mind in seconds. That’s why resilience is one of the most important personal traits you can have. Unfortunately, not everyone can handle stress so easily. Some people struggle to overpower their negative thoughts and let them control them instead. Dealing with stress on a daily basis is one of the main anxiety triggers. In case you’re in a situation where you feel stressed out most of the time, try to make a little time for self-care. Put your thoughts in order and search for a solution instead of focusing on the problem.

4. Negative thinking.

If you overwhelm yourself with negative thoughts, you will inevitably become a victim of your own mind. While it is powerful enough to convince you there is no living soul greater than you, it can also make you believe exactly the opposite. You can enter a constant anxiety mode before even realizing your thoughts are controlling you. To prevent this from happening, you need to focus on what makes your life exciting and surround yourself with people that vibe at the same frequency as you and make you feel great about yourself.

5. Bad nutrition.

In recent years people are becoming more and more aware of the fact that nutrition is important not only for physical health but for mental health as well. Having a bad diet can affect more than just your appearance. It can cause mood swings, severe self-consciousness, and anxiety. If you feel that your diet is a bit off, try to consume balanced foods and drinks that are as natural as possible. Meal prep is something that will definitely help, especially when you’re stuck at the office all day, and you have nothing but fast food restaurants near you.

6. Suspiciously positive changes.

When your life has been going unwell for a while, the slightest positive change can make you feel anxious. If you’ve gotten used to dealing with negativity, a good twist might have you wonder if you have messed something up. In case you are an overthinker, you will be stressing over what will happen next in no time.

7. Low tolerance to outside factors.

Things like annoying noise, bright lights, and intensive smells can also be considered as anxiety triggers in some cases. If you have high sensitivity to such outside factors, you might experience certain symptoms of panic attacks when exposed to them. To battle these triggers, you need to find what soothes your mind and soul. Search for the sounds and colors that calm you down and for the smells that make you feel cozy. As we’re already into the fall season, a simple pumpkin-spice scented candle can do the trick.

8. Losing sleep.

Having trouble falling asleep at night is an often result of overthinking and overstressing. Analyzing all the things that happened throughout the day right before you go to bed will have you laying there for hours before you’re able to close your eyes. And when your alarm goes off in the morning, you will feel as if you haven’t slept for months. There are quite a few things that can help you fight insomnia. For instance, you can try drinking herbal tea or warm milk before bed, or stay away from caffeine in the late hours of the day. But if the issue is much more serious, better look for professional help.

9. Consuming alcohol to numb the pain.

Many people believe that alcohol helps them numb the pain and forget about their problems for a while. But when you’re prone to suffering from mental health issues, drinking to forget will do exactly the opposite. It will dig deeper into the darkest places of your mind. So, if you know you can’t handle stress, and you have suffered anxiety attacks before, please avoid alcohol at all costs.

10. Low blood sugar.

Diabetes is not the only illness related to low levels of sugar in your blood. Mental health illnesses such as anxiety can also be triggered by not enough blood sugar. It can be caused by bad nutrition and dehydration, and it can happen to perfectly healthy people as well. Oftentimes you don’t realize what’s wrong with you at first, and while your mind wanders, you can experience a panic attack that will further intensify your bothersome condition.

Are there other overlooked anxiety triggers?

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