What makes alpha women with good hearts the best partners

She is attractive, confident, intelligent, and sexy. She sometimes makes others feel intimidated by her powerful presence.

Yes, she is an alpha female.

But she is an alpha with a genuine heart

This stunning woman always finds a way to get what she wants. Her specialty is dealing only with things and people that meet her high standards. Perhaps her strong vibes look intimidating at first, but once you get to know her, you will see she has the purest heart. You will realize that behind the tough shield, she hides a delicate soul that needs to be loved. 

Before trying to judge an alpha female, know that this robust personality is built through many years of disappointments, suffering, and painful heartbreaks. While some ladies may be raised to be tough, others are shaped by the storms they survive. The intimidating attitude has become an essential part of their whole persona. 

Sure, she may be hard to love…

She’s used to doing everything on her own and she doesn’t need someone to always hold her hand. The lessons she had to learn throughout her life taught her how to achieve her goals and chase her dreams without relying on anyone else but herself. That’s also the reason why many perceive her as self-centered and even narcissistic. She simply doesn’t want to burden anyone else with her difficulties, so she tries her best to do everything all by herself. 

Although her heart is not easy to be stolen, once you manage to impress such an outstanding woman, you will see that all the effort is worth it. You will have the unique opportunity to peek through and see the most beautiful parts of her soul. These captivating parts will make you fall even deeper in love with her flaws and weaknesses. Her magnetism will have you thinking about her day and night. 

Most importantly, you will finally get to fully appreciate her independence. You will see that she doesn’t need to pretend to be someone else just so you would fall for her. She wouldn’t try to lower her voice and dim her light only to appear more good-natured in your eyes.

However, she will make you realize that despite her inner strength, she is only a human being who needs to be loved.

She may be strong, but her soul needs love to glow. While she is perfectly capable of achieving anything on her own, if she has someone who cherishes her unconditionally and encourages her to embrace her true power, she would shine brighter than all of the stars in the universe.

She will make you believe anything is possible. Her love will challenge you to bring out the best version of yourself. She will help you grow, and she will never let you settle for anything less than you deserve. Moreover, while doing so, she will always be there for you no matter what. 

Her eagerness to always strive for more will inspire you. Her ambitious nature will invigorate your mind. All the complex elements of her wild spirit will make you feel enchanted. Her loyalty will make you believe that not all people are aiming to deceive you and break your heart. She will teach you how to always seek the good in others while also standing your ground.

She doesn’t need to be saved – she needs to be loved.

Once you realize that, you will see that her nature will perfectly match yours. Crossing paths with an alpha woman will inevitably change your whole life. If you have the chance to win her heart, make sure you never let her go. 

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