10 telling signs you’re an alpha woman and people find you intimidating

She has her life planned, and she knows what being successful means. That girl is hustling hard to achieve her goals.

She’s an alpha woman.

Her fierce personality makes weak people feel intimidated. In reality, they might be just envious of the way she owns her life. Anyone would be the luckiest on Earth to have her by their side.

Did you find yourself in those words?

Here are 10 signs you are a real alpha woman, and most people think you’re intimidating.

1. You know what’s up.

Everyone around you wonder how you manage to be so self-reliant all the damn time. They are constantly amazed by your hustle. Above all, they can’t believe how natural and effortless you make it all look.

Well, that’s just how alpha women are. They are naturally good at everything they do. Besides, what’s even more amazing about you is that you know your worth, and you know what you’re capable of.

2. You find yourself in all the songs about strong women.

“Yeah, I got boy problems, that’s the human in me
Bling bling, then I solve ’em, that’s the goddess in me”

– Truth Hurts, Lizzo

Does that ring a bell? There are tons of songs about strong independent women who are aiming higher than everyone else and are achieving their goals with flying colors. And you feel like all of these songs are written about you. Who said you need someone else to be successful in life?

You are a grown-ass woman, and you know exactly what you want from life. That’s why you need your partner to be someone who has their life together too.

3. You don’t let anyone hold you down.

As an alpha woman, you know what you gotta do. You’re a boss babe, and no one can stop you from reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams. What’s awesome about you is that you don’t care ‘What would people say?’. You’re on your way to building your empire, and others’ opinion is none of your concern.

Of course, you’ll be there for someone who needs help on their way, but you wouldn’t let anyone drag you down. Sure, some may find this intimidating, but keep on doing what you’re doing because you’re amazing.

4. Nothing intimidates you.

You’re an extraordinary woman. Money, places, opportunities, you know you can have it all, as long as you work for it. The alpha woman in you is strong enough to support herself. Besides, there is nothing you can’t survive, and there is no one who can hold you down.

Oddly or not, that intimidates people.  When they see someone that goes through life as fierce as you, they can get pretty scared. Maybe that’s because they have no idea how you do it so good every time. Or they’re a bit jealous, who knows.

5. You don’t seek attention.

In fact, attention comes naturally to you. Wherever you go, your magnetism attracts others like bees. You are funny, charming, and delightful. Of course, people’s attention would be drawn to you.

The interesting thing about you is that you don’t beg for this attention. You don’t need to be the center of everything, and you’re perfectly fine in your own company. That’s what makes you an alpha woman.

6. You are the main character in your friends’ group.

You are the main piece in your friends’ puzzle. Without you, the group is just not the same. It loses its flavor. Moreover, you are the person who keeps the conversations going and who brings up the most interesting stories.

As an alpha woman, you’re a natural leader. You know the best places, and you tell the best jokes. Whenever someone needs a life advice, they come to you. And when they need a shoulder to cry on, you are their first choice. That’s why the leading role in your group fits you so well.

7. You are too ambitious.

Alpha women know what they want, and they are perfectly aware of what it would cost them. You gotta work hard, and you don’t hesitate to do so. Unfortunately, a lot of alpha women have a bad reputation just because someone says that being ambitious isn’t ladylike.

Newsflash, this is the 21st century, dear. If you want the life you deserve, you have to work for it. And if you are smart enough, and you certainly are, you will be able to handle a successful career along with a loving family.

8. You’re constantly learning.

Learning is key when you want to step up your game. You know how important that is, and that’s why you are always craving more and more new knowledge and experience. Alpha women always make time to learn and improve themselves.

Every situation ahead of you comes with a life lesson. Success doesn’t come easy, and the boss girl in you knows that. Keep on learning and achieving your goals. It suits you!

9. You have robust emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is something not everybody has. This is the state where you are mature, not physically but mentally. It’s when you are highly aware of your own self and your own possibilities. To be emotionally intelligent means you are the master of your own emotions. And that’s truly glorious. Not everyone understands it, but you sure do.

What’s more, owning your emotions and having your life together makes you even more attractive and magnetic. After all, intelligence is sexy, isn’t it?

10. You are not afraid to make mistakes.

We all make mistakes. We all mess things up sometimes. It’s not the end of the world. Alpha women are no different. What makes them truly outstanding is that they are not afraid to admit when they do something wrong. And they don’t fear facing the consequences.

This might intimidate people because usually, we tend to be ashamed of our mistakes.

Meanwhile, you have no problem sharing when you’ve messed up. You know you’ll fix things up, you’re that good.

Overall, you have a vision for your life, and you follow it no matter what. You’re doing the impossible to reach your goals, and that’s great! Keep on hustling, and never let anyone hold you back. The right one will see the goddess in you and will love you for that. You know what you deserve, so fight for it.

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