Strong women are shaped by the storms they survive: 6 admirable traits of strong women

Emotional strength is not something you are born with.

It is a valuable quality you acquire through the storms you survive. Every life lesson comes in the form of a difficult challenge. Only those who manage to overcome these challenges achieve this emotional strength.

Emotionally intelligent women are strong, self-aware, confident, and fearless. They are truly inspiring. After all the difficulties they have been through, they are now prepared for any new challenge life brings them. Nothing can surprise them anymore. Besides, they can make you believe that everything is possible, as long as you work hard enough to achieve it.

Being a strong woman requires a high level of intelligence and an extreme passion for self-growth. You need to be mentally prepared for any obstacle that stands in your way.

Here are 6 inspiring qualities of strong women that are truly admirable.

1. They embrace their emotions.

Strong women aren’t afraid of being vulnerable and expressing their feelings. They know that hiding your emotions will only make you feel worse. If you constantly try to hold your emotions back, chances are you might lose yourself and forget what it was like to feel good in your own skin. These highly intelligent women are perfectly aware of this. That’s why they embrace their true emotions, and they deal with them with the grace and the strength of a cheetah.

2. They are honest, no matter the consequences.

Honesty is one of the greatest qualities strong women have. They are always authentic and genuine. A strong woman will never tell you a lie just to sugarcoat the harsh truth. Instead, she will be completely honest with you, even if she knows the truth will be painful. She is ready to face all the consequences this might cause, rather than live in a lie.

3. They know their worth.

To be a strong woman also means you are completely aware not only of your strengths but also of your weaknesses. Knowing yourself is essential for attaining this high level of emotional intelligence. Every strong woman knows what she’s capable of, and nothing can stop her from accomplishing her goals. Besides, she will never try to compare herself with someone else. The only competition she has is herself. That’s the best motivation someone can have.

4. They know how important forgiveness is.

A strong woman is too busy to hold grudges for someone. Her time is too valuable to waste it being angry about something insignificant for her present and her future. Moreover, she knows that anyone can make a mistake. That’s why she is ready to forgive and forget, as long as you are genuinely apologizing, and you understand where you were wrong. Have in mind that she is ready to give you a second chance, but if you fail again, she will not hesitate to cut you off of her life.

5. They never forget what made them strong.

Strong women never allow themselves to forget where it all started. They are grateful for their pains, their losses, and their failures. All these challenges made them the warriors they are now. A strong woman will never lose herself in the moment. She will always remember where she comes from, and who she truly is.

6. They value respect over attention.

An intelligent woman will never beg for anyone’s attention. She knows her worth, and she loves herself enough to know that respect is much more valuable than momentary attention. Life has taught her to tell the difference between falsehood and honesty. That’s why her circle is small but full of people who constantly thrive to create and progress. She surrounds herself with people who motivate her to be better and to never stop reaching for the stars.

Strong women are truly admirable.

Their lives are full of difficulties and pain, but instead of bringing them down, this only makes them stronger. The storms inspire them to constantly improve themselves and never stop achieving their goals. The difficulties teach them how to forgive, appreciate, and love. Any strong, intelligent woman, with a heart of gold, is worthy of genuine awe and respect.

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