13 Amazing Qualities of Strong Women That Prove They Are Also The Most Vulnerable

What makes a woman strong?

This lady doesn’t wear a T-Shirt with a slogan that says: Hey, I’m A Strong Woman? What’s Your Superpower? so you won’t recognize her on the street.

But if you get to know a strong woman you’ll surely understand she is one.

Strong women are not different than the other women except for the fact they are: more confident, more giving, make more sacrifices, love more strongly and are not afraid to stand for who they are.

And these are just a few of the positive characteristics these extraordinary ladies possess.

Below we’ve made a list of their 13 most amazing qualities:

1. She knows what she wants

The most important characteristic of a strong woman is that she knows who she is and what she wants. And she is not afraid to do what she has to do to achieve her goals. Strong women pursue their goals no matter what it costs them. They are ambitious and determined.

2. She either wins or learns

Strong women know that sometimes you can’t win. So if a strong woman doesn’t get what she wants she won’t accept this as a defeat. Not at all! Because she knows that when one door closes another opens and that every mistake teaches us valuable lessons.

3. She has pride

The strong woman is sensitive and could get insulted if someone offends her. But she knows that someone else’s bad behavior is not her fault so she won’t take it personally. What a strong woman would most probably do is walk away from this person and situation because she doesn’t need extra drama in her life. She has dignity, she knows her worth and won’t waste her time on someone who doesn’t respect her.

4. She has courage

She is confident and brave. Nothing seems to break her down. But her courage comes at a high price because she is strong, but at the same time, she’s emotional and sensitive. And although she always smiles and looks positive she has a lot of fears.

5. She has hobbies

Strong women like spending time on their own because they can regain their energy this way. What’s more, the strong woman has many hobbies and interests that make her happy. So when she’s alone she usually spends her time meditating, jogging or reading for example. Performing such activities helps her relieve the stress and keep her spirit high.

6. She tries to be perfect

She might be a leader, a champion or an ordinary housewife. But she is the type of person who would put her heart and soul into being perfect in whatever she’s doing. And she won’t boast of her success. According to most strong women, boasting is a shallow attempt to pump up your ego, and they don’t need it. After all, it’s the results of their actions that matter and their success speaks louder than all the words in the world.

7. She is ready to make sacrifices

She is ready to make a sacrifice if she has to. She is not afraid of the consequences or what is expected of her. However, she chooses when to compromise because she knows that not everyone or everything in this world is worth the efforts or the pain.

8. She is intelligent

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” Socrates

The strong woman is smart and not just because she reads books or has a university degree. Strong women are wise, and just like Socrates, their wisdom consists in knowing that there are so many things they don’t know and that knowledge can be acquired throughout our whole life.

9. She forgives easily

She forgives to other people easily because she knows that she doesn’t have the right to judge others. She tries to be perfect but knows that no one actually is.

10. She stays away from negativity and gossips

Negativity and gossips are things that a strong woman would never approve of. According to her negative people don’t focus on the right things. She also thinks that talking badly about someone is disgusting and is nothing but an indication of the gossiper’s insecurities.

11. She is positive

Staying strong in difficult situations can cost the strong woman more than she has expected, but she will never give up being the person she is. Strong women know that sometimes things don’t turn out as expected, but they believe it’s how it was meant to be. That’s why they stay positive and live in hopes that no matter how bad a situation is sooner or later things will change for the better.

12. She believes in herself

Strong women respect other people’s opinions, but it’s their point of view they trust the most. What’s more the strong woman would never live according to someone else’s expectations because she can only be happy if she lives according to her own. She believes in herself and knows that the right people for her are the ones who accept her for who she is.

13. Strong women have moments of weakness too

Behind the strong woman’s shield made of infinite energy, self-control, and confidence lies a soft, kind-hearted soul. A soul that belongs to a woman who knows what it is to feel pain. And sometimes the strong woman might reveal to the world the vulnerable side of her personality. She might start crying or share with her closest people what she’s going through. And that’s perfectly fine. Because what makes someone a strong person is that they know what it is to be weak.

Do you think you are a strong woman?

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