8  Signs You´re a Strong Woman Who Stands Out From Everyone Else

Just looking at her you can never guess the kind of battles she’s fought.

She is so dignified and knows how to handle herself.

She can bring out the best in any man she meets.

At the same time, she is a safe haven, someone you can rely on.

A strong woman.

This is how you’ll know her when you meet her.

1. She doesn’t need your approval

She won’t ask for your opinion on everything…or God forbid, if she looks fat in something. She has her own point of view. She most likely has some goals, which she follows consistently. Nothing can knock her down.

A strong woman knows she is capable without seeking someone else’s support. If she has made a decision, she will stand by it and act on it with integrity.

2. For her, respect is better than attention

She already knows she is beautiful/smart/talented/funny. She doesn’t need you to confirm it. But if she feels she isn’t truly wanted, she’ll walk away without making a fuss.

It takes someone who knows you well to respect you. Being respected means someone has bothered enough to find out what you are about. Respect is deeper and lasts longer than attention.

A strong woman values her time. She won’t give it away so easily to someone who doesn’t appreciate what he is getting.

3. Pain is like a trophy to her

If she’s felt pain, it’s only because she’s tried for something. She’s taken a risk or accepted a challenge. Pain means the stakes were high and even if things didn’t work out, she learned something.

You won’t find her fretting or blaming others. On the contrary, she’ll be proud she was faced with difficulties and overcame them. She’ll hold her head up high, because she came out a winner.

4. Being around her is uplifting

Her positive attitude is contagious. If you’re feeling down, she would be happy to cheer you up or help you out. A strong woman will be there for you.

She’s been through a few hard times herself and she knows how to guide others through them. She sees the possibilities in every challenge and knows how to make you believe in the good.

5. She doesn’t feel the need for comparison with other women

She doesn’t equate the success of others with her own failure. She knows that each one of us has our own unique path and we were each given unique strengths. There is no need to compare.

She is focused on walking her own path as best as she can. Her own strengths guide her and she is dedicated to nurturing them.

6. A strong woman is not a robot

She cries, of course. Being vulnerable is not the same as being weak. And she is definitely woman enough to show her vulnerable side, but knows when it’s time to get up and try again. Gentle but powerful: she is a complex, multi-faceted human being.

Even if today was not her day, she hopes for the best tomorrow. She keeps on fighting.

7. She can let things go and doesn’t seek revenge

She doesn’t want to be a slave to negative emotions. Only positivity can move her forward. She expresses her love freely and keeps her focus there.

‘An eye for an eye’ is not the way she deals with things. She is aware judgment is not up to her and leaves it in God’s hands. However, she’s won’t give second chances to people who’ve done her wrong.

8. She is brave enough to be honest with you

The truth, however painful, is always better than nice lies. She prefers to hurt someone by being honest than to make them feel good with lies. She knows it’s best in the long run.

That means she also expects the same in return. She values being straightforward and won’t waste your time being ambiguous.

She is a shining example of what we all want to be. That’s what makes her so special. We become better by being around her.

Stay close to the strong woman in your life.

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